How To Pad Your Bra


Reasons To Pad


The best way to fill a bra is with natural volume. But let’s face it, not everyone is blessed (or cursed) with mounds of eye candy. Some may undergo mastectomy. That brings up other options like skin conserving surgeries and breast implants.

Self-esteem and the desire to conform to societal norms can be a long issue that is best to share with a therapist. Sometimes you just want to make an impression or stand out at a party.

This discussion addresses options for healthy women with B-cup size or below breasts. If you are happy with your form, press on. If you feel you need an extra bump in attention, read further.

Fill Her Up

It is common to be envious of peers who turn heads with form-fitting blouses. If you are a borderline A-cup, you likely camouflage with loose tops and color­ful patterns. Push-up bras are useful for B-cup and larger.

One caution to keep in mind when stuffing things in your bra is make certain everything is secure to prevent wardrobe malfunctions. The good news is that you don’t need to pack your bra with tissues. You can shop for padded bras. They include soft inserts that extra thickness. Separate padded inserts, sometimes called cutlets, are also available.

Dress For Flat Chest

With petite breasts, your best option may not be to pad your bra. One reason is because once you begin, you need to keep up the ruse. Otherwise onlookers will notice your inflation and deflation. It is best to dress in way that keeps people guessing. Choose brighter colors. Select tops with extra material and layer your clothing.

  • Bow blouse
  • Blouson Top
  • Ruffle blouse
  • Frill panel
  • Cowl neck sweater
  • Bolero jacket

Take the Plunge

One advantage of small breasts is the ability to wear low V-neck dresses without a wardrobe malfunction. Tapes are available to keep breasts separated. It is bold move that sometimes pays off with flashy accessories. But be aware that more endowed females with plunging necklines who attend the gala may steal your thunder.

Another popular non-invasive boob-enhancing technique is to contour with makeup. Basically, you outline, highlight, and blend to accentuate cleavage and give the illusion of mass. There are many online tutorials.

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