Breast Augmentation Regrets


A Surge in Silicone

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Augmentation mammoplasty—commonly called breast augmentation—continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures. Surgeons perform hundreds of thousands of mammo­plasties every year in the United States. Those aged 19–34 make up 48 percent of the patients. Forty percent of the procedures carried out in 2018 were on patients 35–50 years of age.

Why People Get Breast Implants

There are emotional, medical, and cosmetic reasons for aug­menta­tion mammo­plasty. A properly fitted brassiere can address many aesthetic concerns:

  • Reconstruction following mastectomy.
  • Look better with and without clothing.
  • Recover breast appearance after pregnancy.
  • Correct uneven breasts.
  • Satisfy body dysmorphic disorder.
  • Correct congenital micromastia.
  • Increase positive self-image perception.
  • Elevate sagging breasts (mastopexy).
  • Cosmetic MTF gender reassignment.
  • Retain female figure of women bodybuilders.

People with Poland syndrome are born with pectoral muscles absent or underdeveloped on one side of the body. Some women may choose to have an implant to balance out breast asymmetry or lack of cleavage.

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