How Attractive Are You?

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What’s Your Formula?


Would someone swipe your photo left or right? Attractiveness varies among graders. Some people love blondes, redheads, or porcelain skin. Others prefer wide hips, slim physique, or muscular bodies. People may even overlook appearance for superficial characteristics like wealth or prominence.

Though people might be considered gorgeous, beautiful or pretty, you may prefer cute or handsome. Keeping in mind that physical attributes change with aging, overall attractiveness takes into account what appears both above and below the neck.

Above the Neck

As the focal point during conversation, we give more credence to facial features. The internet has coined a word for someone with a hot body and face that is lacking. It’s “butterface” (or buttaface).

The most common numerical evaluation of attractiveness uses a scale of 1–10. Fine tuning assessments, the subjective scoring system introduced on this page evaluates the whole person. Each attribute receives a value. You then divide the results for the standard 10-point scale.

Here, facial appearance may receive double points within the range of 2–20 (even numbers only). Cosmetics to conceal blemishes—even a little lip gloss or eye shadow—can enhance your appearance.

Also above the neck, is your mind. It receives a different value from 1–10. So above-neck attributes have potentially 30 points.

Below the Neck

The body gets a separate 1–10 points. Some men have an attraction to thick thighs or calves. Perhaps some muscular definition will make you feel better. You can make up for lost points above the neck by exercising below it. Even a missing limb is not a deal breaker with high assessments elsewhere.


Where is your personality? Perhaps you consider it above the neck, in the mind. Should we lump it together with facial appearance—your head? No, it is more diverse. Have you ever met someone with an ugly personality? Some people can be very intelligent but lack personality. Here, personality relates to your thinking and actions towards others.

Are you interested in people? Do you engage others in conversation easily? Can you cook well (the best way to a man’s heart)? Do you have an infectious laugh? Perhaps you are a nagger or procrastinator?

Would it surprise you to consider that a bad personality could negate the most beautiful appearance? So personality also gets double points (even numbers). Now you have a potential of 60 points.

Attractiveness Scale
4 AttributesMinMax
Facial Features220

Most people are accustomed to the limit of 1–10. Divide your results by 6 for a better idea of how attractive you are. Few people receive a perfect 60 score. You may also discover ways to compensate for inherent weaknesses.

As an example, dividing 42 by 6 ends up being 7 on a 10 scale. Many persons are comfortable with anything above 5, so that’s a winner!

Dress well with clothing that complements your virtues and conceals flaws. Cosmetology can help, though you may prefer natural beauty. Regardless of how you score on a chart, you don’t need anyone else to tell you how beautiful you are.

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Updated: Sep 15, 2023

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