'Can Technology Cure Cancer?'

Promising Cure For All Cancer

Israeli doctors are mak­ing as­ser­tions too bold to ignore. They pro­mise a brief, cheap and effec­tive remedy for cancer.

Woman 'Dense-Breast Cancer Screening'

Dense Breast Cancer Screening

Breast density decreases with age or BMI and increases with hor­mone re­place­ment therapy. Compare radio­logi­cal cancer screen­ing methods.

Oncology 'How to Know When a Loved One is Dying'

Signs a Loved One is Dying

How do professional caregivers know when a patient is transitioning to death? Pre-active and active phases of death become apparent prior to the inevitable.

Orthopedics 'Elderly man with backache'

Schmorl Node Vertical Disc Herniation Pain

Historically considered clinically insig­ni­fi­cant, Schmorl’s nodes can be an active symptom or cause of pain in some patients.

Orthopedics 'Mature couple with backache'

Could You Have A Spinal Bone Infection?

Pyogenic spondy­litis is a rare life-threatening condition primarily affecting adults in their fifties to be distin­guish­ed from vertebral cancers.


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Oncology 'Pancreas artwork'

Why Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms Are Easy To Miss

Pancreatic adenocarcinoma cancer has a one-year relative survival rate of 20 percent. Pancreatic neuro­endo­crine five-year survival rate is about 60 percent.

Gastroenterology 'Might Not Worry About Colorectal Polyps'

Should You Worry About Colorectal Polyps?

Ninety percent of colorectal polyps occur after age 50. Nearly all colon cancers develop from polyps, but polyps grow slowly. Some are more prone to be cancerous than others.

Food 'Eat Healthy From the Inside Out'

Eat Healthy From the Inside Out

Unfortunately, what we put into our bodies is not always motivated by healthy logic. If that were the case, there would be no ice cream parlors or candy shops.

Neurology 'Working Too Hard For Your Money'

Health Dangers of Working Too Hard

There are clinically adverse physical and emotional effects of shift work. Don’t kill yourself trying to stay up. Find a balance between good health and earning a living.

Woman 'The Battle Against HPV'

The Battle Against HPV

Virus that causes oral cancer shares characteristics with cervical cancer. Learn how to recognize signs and prevent human papillomavirus.

Gerontology 'Could You Be a Good Caregiver?'

Could You Be a Good Caregiver?

Patients can become demanding with little motiva­tion for self-sufficiency. Read how a pro­spec­tive caregiver under­estimates the task.

Individual 'For Months I Felt Like a Woman'

For Months I Felt Like a Woman

Axillary lump led to three imaging tech­nolo­gies, seven medical con­clu­sions and a surgery. Multiple health diag­noses weakened confi­dence in the medical team.


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