Eat Healthy From the Inside Out


Byproducts once limited to sausages, lunchmeat and pet food are salvaged into très chic entrees.

Eating Offal Or Sweetbreads


Preventing colorectal cancer begins with a good meal. Websites praise the versatility and nutritional value of byproducts once limited to sausages, lunchmeat and pet food. Sweetbreads are the thymus glands, usually taken from veal, but occasionally from lamb or young pigs.

Offal is organ meat—what is salvaged after butchering traditionally marketable cuts of meat. With its high profit margin, some upscale restaurants are making organ meat très chic.

Some diners may be repulsed by the unsavory raw appear­ance or texture of varietal meats while others flock to trendy restaurants in droves for a taste of animal brains, goose chitterlings, or rabbit and quail liver pâté.

Many feign ignorance of their existence while enjoying ground byproducts within hot dogs and sausages (tripe). Whether you consider offal a delicacy or not, plan what you eat to preserve the health of your own innards. Prevent the awful outcome depicted within the colon cancer feature photo.

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