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You Need Health Care

Don’t Avoid Regular Medical Checkups

Which is more expensive, medical insurance premiums and deductibles or the lack of health care? Many relatively healthy young adults prefer to avoid doctor visits. Young and old alike who fear vaccines medicate severe nasobronchial infections with over-the-counter drugs. Improper nutrition leads to vitamin deficiencies.

Absenteeism due to illness is both inconvenient and expensive to employers. It doesn’t feel too well for patients either. Perhaps your hesitancy stems from appointments too far out into the future.

The Doctor Will See You Now

Would you like to see a doctor today? If health care were more affordable and accessible, would you use it? This is the question 98point6 is answering. In fact, the Seattle-based company is answering many health questions patients ask, all day long, without appointments—regardless of where they are with telemedicine.

98point6 services are available under two plans: a personal plan or a plan offered through your employer. 98point6 provides economical on-demand subscription text-base primary care though a secure smartphone app for iOS and Android.* Subscribers have access to licensed physicians who can evaluate uploaded images and send prescriptions to local pharmacies.

You’re Going To Feel A Slight Pinch

Need blood work? A Los Angeles area phlebotomy service called TenderTouch­MobileLabs travels to your home or office to draw physician-prescribed blood samples and get them to a lab.

All your primary care visits. All year long. One flat fee.

The 98point6 introductory annual subscription fee is just $20—about the price for one bottle of cold medicine. For those who prefer a low-tech solution, concierge cash-only physicians on retainer offer same-day appointments and sometimes house calls. So, my question is, what is preventing you from having a doctor visit?

*Patients are responsible for 98point6 “outside-app” costs, including prescriptions, labs, visits to any referred in-person physicians and any other costs incurred in traditional care settings. Supplemental insurance coverage may be applied for these expenses.

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Kevin Williams is a health advocate and writer of hundreds of articles for multiple websites, including: A Bit More Healthy, KevinMD, and Sue’s Nutrition Buzz.

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