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Dense-Breast Cancer Screening

September 19, 2019
by Kevin RR Williams

Most women are unaware they have dense breasts until they reach the age of 45.

⚠️ Use discretion. Contains graphic radiological images.
Breast Cancer Awareness

Dense breasts, with relatively little fat and more connec­tive and glandu­lar tissue, have the highest risk of cancer. The pattern of these tissues on a mammo­gram is diffi­cult to distin­guish from tumors—dense connective tissue and tumors both appear white against a dark back­ground. Breast density usually decreases with age or body mass index (BMI) and increases with hor­mone replace­ment therapy.

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Kevin Williams is a health advocate and writer of hundreds of articles for multiple websites, including: A Bit More Healthy, KevinMD, and Sue’s Nutrition Buzz.