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'Are You Getting Enough Potassium?'

Are You Getting Enough Potassium?

Many Americans do not consume enough potassium. With abundant potassium food sources, consider various ways to eat it.

Nutrition 'No More Boring Breakfasts'

No More Boring Breakfasts

Identify which days you can have homemade balanced meal. Is it Saturday morning or a few times during the week?

Food 'Does Your Urine Hate Asparagus?'

Why Your Urine Hates Asparagus

Asparagus can be a tasty and nutri­tious vege­table. Why does this love affair end when visit­ing the toilet?

Food 'In Other Words, It’s Processed'

What is Wrong With Processed Food?

Is processed food a good thing? It is quite difficult in today’s indus­tria­lized society to elimi­nate all processed food, especially with deception.

Food 'Get Ready for Fat Vegans'

Vegan Fast Food Health Problems

The junk food that overtook the world, ushering in obesity, is now reaching the waists of vegetarians and vegans.


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Fitness 'Los Angeles Vegetarian Road Trip'

Best Chefs Fail to Satisfy Vegetarians

Many restaurants in metropolitan areas are elevating the flavor profile of vegetarian cuisine while others offend palates.

Food 'How to Choose The Right Cooking Oil'

Choosing The Best Cooking Oils

Stop grilling olive oil. Not all oils are created equal. Some are best suited for frying, sautéing, marinading or salad dressings.

Nutrition 'Fish oil pills and lemon'

Why Fish Oil is Dangerous

Many fish oil products are rancid before consumers get them home. Weigh risks and benefits of fish oil supplements.

Nutrition 'Prevent Heat Strokes'

Prevent Heat Strokes

Too much heat, either too quickly or over an extended period of time, may prevent our bodies from efficiently cooling through perspiration.

Nutrition 'Blender with peas and nuts'

Easy Peasy Protein Powder Recipe

Exchange a two-pound $40 tub of protein powder for three pounds of raw almonds and a half pound of dried split peas. Keep the change and enjoy a nutty, all-natural protein powder made with your per...

Nutrition 'Be a Happy Healthy Vegetarian'

How to Enjoy Being a Vegetarian

A vegetarian diet is not appropriate for everyone. Many who try do not last beyond a few weeks. What are two keys to vegetarian success?

Food 'Eat Healthy From the Inside Out'

Eat Healthy From the Inside Out

Unfortunately, what we put into our bodies is not always motivated by healthy logic. If that were the case, there would be no ice cream parlors or candy shops.


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