What’s Wrong With Fish Oil? – ClinicalPosters
Why Fish Oil is Dangerous

You can’t effectively squeeze lemon on a fish oil capsule.

Can You Tell It’s Rancid?

Most fresh fish is odor­less. It shocks me whenever restau­rants garnish rancid fish with a lemon wedge for diners to squeeze and neutral­ize malodor. It bewilders me when fish lovers say the only downside is the stench that lingers after cooking it. With your apparent interest in this topic, does it also shock you? Who is the worst offender, the chefs who serve fetid fish or the patrons who happily citru­size and gulp it down? What other fetid meats do consume?

Sure, citrus fruits may be used as part of a recipe, if you like, but not to mask unplea­sant smells and rot. When I was a pesca­tarian, nearly 80 percent of my restau­rant-ordered salmon entrees were rejected based on the odor.

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