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'Consequences of Living With Pain Relievers'

Living With Pain Relievers is Not Entirely Pain-Free

Are you depen­dent upon pain relievers to per­form daily tasks? Untreated chronic pain can have dan­ger­ous physi­cal and emo­tional conse­quences.

Mental health 'How to Work With Obsessive '

Working With People Having Obsessions

Mental health professionals try to fix them and the unin­formed often stigmatize these gener­ally high-functioning individuals.

Individual 'Marijuana plant'

Should You Take Medical Marijuana?

How do you balance the physical and social rami­fi­ca­tions of taking prescribed cannabis products for neurological conditions?

Woman 'Is Breast Augmentation Necessary?'

Breast Augmentation Regrets

Because it is a potentially dangerous medical proce­dure with long-lasting conse­quences, make certain the reasons are not transient.

Neurology 'Can Psychology Help Chronic Pain?'

Cope With Psychology of Chronic Pain

Coping with chronic pain that alters how you live your daily life can transcend the care medical doctors provide.


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Mental health 'Forgetful elderly man'

Add Prescriptions to Dementia Causes

Increase in dementia cases may be linked to common prescrip­tion medications. Fortunately, one of the most common is excluded.

Mental health 'Piece Together Autism Spectrum'

Piecing Together The Autism Puzzle

The spectrum for autism is broad and can include Asperger’s syndrome — a social reticence.

Emotions 'Why Your Mind Goes There'

Why Your Mind Goes There

What do you do when the personality familiar to you, your family, and your friends swaps with an unpleasant alter ego? Is it a harmless fantasy?

Neurology 'Don’t Forget Alzheimer’s Patients'

Don’t Forget Alzheimer’s Patients

If doctors could predict Alzheimer’s Disease years before onset with better than 90 percent accuracy, would you want to know if you have markers? How would this change your life?

Neurology 'Pair of feet under covers'

Get Enough REM Sleep

Functioning with very little sleep is not a virtuous work habit. Deep sleep improves productivity. Could this be the reason you’re so groggy, cranky, and obnoxious?

Neurology 'Floating woman having out-of-body experience'

What is an Out-of-Body Experience?

Some people boast about out-of-body experiences while others fear them. Just what are they and why do some people strive to induce them? Are they an indication of health issues?

Mental health 'Estranged Family'

Anatomy of an Estranged Family

Fresh explanation of Dead Mother Complex reveals why displaying affection may be more complex than you think. This might be the root of familial dysfunc­tion. Use discretion on emotional content.


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