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'Mature couple with backache'

Could You Have A Spinal Bone Infection?

Pyogenic spondy­litis is a rare life-threatening condition primarily affecting adults in their fifties to be distin­guish­ed from vertebral cancers.

Immunology 'Do Hospitals Make You Sick?'

Hospitals Can Make You Sick

Despite disposal of needles and diligent sanitation of most hospital surfaces, many patients develop secondary infections and medical complications.

Prescriptions 'Are Antibiotics Making You Sick?'

Are Antibiotics Making You Sick?

What are reasons why taking an antibiotic might actually make us feel worse? Patients may experience fatigue and other adverse reactions from nutrient depletion.

Rheumatology 'Wolf face'

Life With Lupus

This autoimmune system disorder may go undetected for months or years with symp­toms ranging from mild to aggres­sive attacks on skin and internal organs.

Nutrition 'Couple eating chips and salsa'

No Double-Dipping Appetizers

Are you biting off more than you should chew when sharing communal foods without proper etiquette? Explore the science of double dipping.


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Otolaryngology 'Dealing With Winter Mold and Mildew Allergies'

Dealing With Winter Mold and Mildew Allergies

During damp weather, we shut windows, close drapes, fire up the heater, and get cozy. Then begin sneezing, headaches, dizziness, chest pains, and strange odors.

Woman 'The Battle Against HPV'

The Battle Against HPV

Virus that causes oral cancer shares characteristics with cervical cancer. Learn how to recognize signs and prevent human papillomavirus.

Otolaryngology 'Mold Causes Vertigo and Chronic Fatigue'

Mold Causes Vertigo, Rash, Backache and Chronic Fatigue

Are you a business or home­owner conside­ring profes­sional water-damage remedia­tion? Are you a renter trying to convince a land­lord to properly treat mold and mildew?

Pulmonology 'What Your Sputum Indicates About Your Health'

What Your Sputum Indicates About Your Health

A viral or bacterial infection can trans­form the vis­cosity of mucus, an impor­tant anatomical lubri­cant, into a breath-suppressing coagu­lant. Its color change can signal serious medical illness.

Oncology 'Lymphatic system anatomy'

Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Lymphoma

Healthcare physi­cians and patients need to be diligent for early diagnosis, using multi­disciplinary medical treat­ment of blood cancers affecting the lymphatic system.

Endocrinology 'Facts Versus Myths About Diabetes'

Facts Versus Myths About Diabetes

Diabetes is primarily a diet issue. As proof, patients have been cured of it. This article clarifies seven popular myths and describes what it’s like to cope with diabetes.

Woman 'Cross Your Legs, Not Your Fingers'

Cross Your Legs, Not Your Fingers

Crossing fingers while attempt­­ing to mask vaginal malodor with perfume can literally take others’s breath away. What is going on down there and what can you do about it?


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