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'Considering a Lung Transplant'

Considering a Lung Transplant

With many improve­ments to lung trans­plant surgery since the 1980s, post-op requires a daily cocktail of immuno­suppres­sive drugs and antibiotics.

Immunology 'Coronavirus Herd Immunity Fallacy'

Coronavirus Herd Immunity Fallacy

Outdated: Herd immunity occurs when some­one without the virus is surrounded by a barrier of those who are immune.

Immunology 'Health Care During Pandemic'

Health Goes On

Outdated: Even during a pandemic, normal health care con­tinues. The distinction is now there is the extra burden of an insidious coronavirus.

Immunology 'What Doctors Know About COVID-19'

What Doctors Know About COVID-19

Outdated: From nearly 1 million cases, epidemiologists can explain how the disease spreads, but not yet how to package prevention into a vaccine.

Immunology 'Asthma With COVID-19 Concerns'

Asthmatics Susceptible to COVID-19

Until more data is available, anyone with chronic lung problems, including asthma, should take extra precautions to avoid any additional respiratory infections.


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Internist '3 Undesirable Medical Conditions'

Three Phrases You and Your Doctor Avoid

As a patient, do you have the audacity to suggest you have one of these ailments that shocks your doctor?

Immunology 'Protect Yourself From Coronavirus'

Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

Outdated: The global coronavirus outbreak has everyone scrambling for news. What are the symptoms? How can you protect yourself?

Neurology 'Are You Too Young For Shingles?'

Are You Too Young For Shingles?

Sooner or later, you'll probably get the debilitating disease, shingles. The severity depends on what you do in advance.

Nutrition 'Winter cold'

Cold Weather and Common Cold Correlation

It may appear that cold is implicated within the name of the illness. Before resting your case, consider expert conclusions.

Immunology 'Can You Outgrow Asthma?'

Can You Outgrow Asthma?

The prospect of breaking free from an ailment that hinders breathing excites asthma sufferers.

Oncology 'Can Technology Cure Cancer?'

Promising Cure For All Cancer

Israeli doctors are mak­ing as­ser­tions too bold to ignore. They pro­mise a brief, cheap and effec­tive remedy for cancer.

Dermatology 'What Does Hypoallergenic Mean?'

What is Hypoallergenic?

Experiencing rashes or itching from wearing certain metals can make jewelry shopping a challenge. Hypoallergenic is commonly misunderstood.


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