Considering a Lung Transplant


Reasons For Lung Transplants


As a last resort, single- or double-lung transplants, as well as heart-lung and partial-lung transplants are possible. There aren’t enough donor lungs for everyone who needs them.

Transplant centers prioritize according to local criteria along with some generally accepted national guidelines. For example, a history of noncompliance with medical instruction or multiple concurrent diseases can classify a patient as a poor pulmonary transplant recipient.

In June 2020, a woman in her 20s with irreversible lung damage from COVID-19 was the first in the United States to receive a double-lung transplant. Organ transplants may become more common in severe cases of COVID-19. —Medscape

Anatomy posters and models simplify explanation of medical procedures. There have been many improve­ments to lung transplant surgery since the 1980s. This includes powerful anti-rejection drugs and bloodless medical management techniques when warranted. As of 2005, the most common reasons for lung transplantation in the United States were:

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