What Your Sputum Indicates About Your Health


Some people have flu-like symptoms. There can be chills, body aches, fatigue and fever. Pulmonary and nasal passages may add a sore throat, sneezing or coughing. Is a virus or bacterial infection causing the symptoms?

⚠️ Use Discretion: Graphic phlegm images.

Coughing is an automatic reflex that begins when nerves called cough recep­tors sense that some­thing has entered your airways that shouldn’t be there. The force behind a cough occurs because the opening to your windpipe (the glottis), located at the back of your throat, momen­tarily closes as you exhale. With the glottis closed, extra pres­sure builds up in your lungs. When the glottis finally opens, the air explodes out up to 50 miles per hour, helping to dislodge up to 10,000 droplets and foreign particles from your airways.

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