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Given any thought, you could foresee that opening the economy without a vaccine is a disastrous plan. Phases based on random calendar targets, rather than test results, are backfiring.

As long as the COVID-19 trajectory was rising at a sharp angle, states remained cautious about reopening. Then infection rates, though still high, leveled off. For many states, this was like ringing a dinner bell. Most states reopening with weak guidelines saw flocks of people overcrowding beaches, bars, and restaurants. Now it looks like a superhero took that flat curve and bent it upward.

With dozens of professional athletes testing positive for COVID-19, sports fans want to fill stadiums and team managers are eager to take their money. Bars disregarding all social distancing protocols are breading grounds for the coronavirus. In favor of contactless payment methods, people do not even want to touch communal money. Yet, many are eager to try and see what it is like among crowds.

Roaming Danger

More than 50% of the public either wear ill-fitted masks or allow them to contaminate themselves. The illusion of protection is as bad as no protection at all. You need to cover, your eyes, nose and mouth with clean coverings while outdoors. Repeatedly pulling masks down and touching them defeats the purpose.

When removed, personal protective equipment (PPE) should be promptly washed, isolated, or discarded. Then wash hands, face, possibly hair, and change clothing. A UV flashlight can help detect how many surfaces have contaminants. If you do not want to wear proper PPE correctly, you might as well shelter in place and have your necessities delivered.

We are seeing reactionary laws pass each week. At least a dozen states are suspending or modifying their reopening plans. Some governors are making public mask wearing a mandate, not a suggestion. Restauranteurs in at least one state risk stiff fines for noncompliance with social distancing.

This coronavirus is insidious because of its multifaceted effects on people and asymptomatic infection. What will you do? Does it differ from what you should do? Might we see you on sports kiss cams? We trust you will remain safe and await a viable vaccine so you can stay A Bit More Healthy.

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Updated: May 16, 2023

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