What is Juvenile Arthritis?


No Arthritis Age Restriction


Do you consider arthritis to be a geriatric disease? As we age, the yolk-like synovial fluid that lubricates the joints is not as plenti­ful. Stress might affect weight-bearing joints over time. So we expect that there would be some result­ing discomfort. But there are different forms of arthritis and the cause is not as simple as synovial fluid depletion nor is this ravager of mobility limited to the elderly.

Arthritis is a complex family of musculo­skeletal disorders. It consiss of more than 100 different diseases or conditions that destroy joints, cartilage, bones, muscles and other connec­tive tissues. This hinders and impairs physical move­ment.

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Kevin Williams is a health advocate, artist, pro­gram­mer, and writer of hundreds of articles for multiple web­sites. He has 17 years experi­ence as a Neutrogena Research and Scientific Affairs graphics con­sul­tant.

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