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Physicians specializing in pulmonology are particularly busy. Influenza and COVID-19 symptoms can appear similar, and when combined they are empirically indis­tin­guish­able. To rule out the flu, a vaccination is helpful but may be unadvis­able at present. Have a doctor evaluate chronic cough to receive possible treatment for COPD or asthma.

During this time when doctors have limited time for shopping, ClinicalPosters has put together one-click poster bundles for various medical specialties, including pulmonologists. This allows exam rooms to have the necessary tools for quality care.

Essential Medical Care Continues

As though a miracle cure to COVID-19 is on the horizon, you may watch daily news with bated breath—shocked at the exponential growth rate. This virus may be with us for some time. While the pandemic steals the headlines, oncologists administer chemo­therapy for cancer patients.

Nephrologist oversee dialysis treatments. Cardiologists perform heart surgeries; doctors of obstetrics deliver babies. Orthopedists replace hips and knees. Ophthalmologists save the vision of patients. Even during a pandemic, essential health care continues. The distinction is that now there is the extra burden of navigating an insidious coronavirus.

Be Careful During Flu Season

Concurrent seasonal flu can exacerbate coronavirus symptoms. Based on National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) mortality surveillance data available on March 12, 2020, 7.1% of the deaths occurring during the week ending February 29, 2020 (week 9) were due to pneumonia and influenza. This percentage is below the epidemic threshold of 7.3% for week 9.

Though the flu season is unremarkable this year, the flu commonly leads to pneumonia. This combination can cause fluid buildup, reduce oxygen supply to the lungs, weaken you, and increase inflammation.

Preexisting medical conditions like chronic lung disease, heart disease, and blood disorders are problematic, to say the least. Combining this with COVID-19 is like a tornado enveloping an automotive parts factory. There is a high chance of flying shrapnel. Comorbidities make coronavirus recovery difficult.

Though some people are afraid of needles, a common aversion is the thought of receiving a weakened virus. The good news is that recombinant flu vaccines are available to those age 18 and over. These vaccines do not use the influenza virus in the manufacturing process. If you do not already have a vaccination, treat yourself as a high-risk individual with social distancing and face masks.

Expect to see more crowding within waiting rooms. Doctors are urging patients to phone ahead for triage before heading to an emergency department. In many cases, patients are advised to self-isolate. Emergency procedures have priority. Appointment schedules are stretching longer into the future. But with such precautions, doctors are working harder than ever so patients can be A Bit More Healthy. Through the pandemic, get the care you need. Good health is essential.

Coronavirus pandemic information represents a historic snapshot of fluid events. To support the writing of useful articles about pulmonology, ClinicalPosters sells human anatomy charts, scientific posters and other products online. Slide extra posters into DeuPair Frames without removing from the wall or leave an encourag­ing comment to keep the work going.

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