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Pre-Curated Anatomy Poster Bundles

ClinicalPosters is happy to stream­line the exam-room poster ordering process by configur­ing bundles. These represent a starting point for three different budgets. Each bundle is designed to outfit one or two exam rooms for a specific medical specialty. Customers with an account have more cart customiza­tion options when logged in. Initial categories include:

  1. Cardiology
  2. Dermatology
  3. Gastroenterology
  4. Internist
  5. Neurology
  6. Ob-Gyn
  7. Orthopedics
  8. Otolaryngology
  9. Pulmonology
One-Click Anatomy Poster Bundles

Medical doctors are quite familiar with human anatomy and under­stand why they recommend particular proce­dures. The challenge is com­muni­cating this vast knowledge to patients who lack visual and contextual reference. This is why anatomical posters and models go beyond decoration within examina­tion rooms. They can reduce the time it requires to explain treatments and they may increase patient compliance.

Order posters and frames for entire examina­tion rooms or medical offices on your smart­phone during a 15-minute break and still have time to enjoy a few sips of your beverage.

Busy office managers are often tasked with ordering supplies. They may begin by recom­mend­ing selections or fulfilling specific requests. Upon receipt of final approval from physi­cians, an order is possible.

Something that should take a few minutes can end up taking much longer as drafts go back and forth. This is why curated bundles are so useful. Supporting a plethora of payment options, in one click, you have a proposal ready for approval during a short break.

Based on initial reception, we expect the number of categories to grow. Look for updates on this page as new bundles come online. Are you interested in having one-click bundles for your medical specialty?

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