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'Walking refugee'

Escape Death E2

A Tigrayan surgeon, pushed to physical limits amid unthinkable atrocities, dares to plan an escape through military violence with a fragile family.

'Ethiopia map and flag'

Escape Death

Premiere: In this dramatic saga ripped from the headlines, empathize with a doctor’s anguish as he endeavors to save both family and patients amid civil war.

Finale 'Interrogation room'

Invent Crime E3

Armed with compelling evidence, the inspector is ready to begin questioning the key suspect in this series conclusion.

Mystery 'Mature female attorney'

Invent Crime E2

Evidence suggests a man hired to pose as a delivery person may have gained access to the victim’s home.

'Boxed macaroons'

Invent Crime

Premiere: A body found in a home with bizarre clues leads a detective struggling to uncover the cause of death in this quirky who­dunit mystery.

Finale 'Soaring Legacy 650e aircraft'

Organ Island E11

With little going according to plan, the captives are determined to get off the island or die trying in this nail-biting conclusion.


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Thriller 'Dark Legacy 650E aircraft'

Organ Island E10

Stranded escapees discover that with insuffi­cient contin­gencies, seemingly perfect plans result in cascad­ing errors.

Thriller 'Dark jungle'

Organ Island E9

It has taken a week for captives to hatch an ambi­tious plan to over­take captors and leave the island after sunset.

Thriller 'Sunset silhouettes'

Organ Island E8

With final restraints removed, the team finalizes plans and sets a schedule to get off the island.

Thriller 'Tropical electrical storm clouds'

Organ Island E7

The group is finally working together to come up with a feasible plan for escaping off the island while a tropical storm is brewing.

Thriller 'Skinny dipping female back'

Organ Island E6

The newest captives qualify to get restraints removed but one surprises everyone with a request for extra privileges.

Thriller 'Wooden huts'

Organ Island E5

Recent captives miss benefits of personal hygiene. Find out how they are selected, and learn about indigenous people.


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