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5 episodes tagged Maid in spain
'Bearded man reading papers'

Maid in Spain E5

Consuela confronts a handsy employer. After severing ties, she assesses her role in improving the outlook for domestic workers in this dramatic novella conclusion.

Drama 'Bearded man reading papers'

Maid in Spain E4

Interaction with an employ­er gets out of hand, lead­ing to emergency proto­cols that Consuela does not anticipate.

Drama 'Female back massage'

Maid in Spain E3

Consuela prepares a week’s worth of meals, feeds the bedridden, deals with sexual harassment, and babysits children.

Drama 'Galgos Español dogs'

Maid in Spain E2

Consuela navigates preten­tious­ness, injury, sick dogs, emer­gen­cy medical visits and domestic cleaning.


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'Beautiful woman and housekeeper'

Maid in Spain

Premiere: A wealthy female Spaniard wants to peer into the lives of domestic workers for first­hand experience, as research for her new book, in this dramatic novella miniseries.


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