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6 episodes tagged Eyes in headlights
'Hands of prisoner behind bars'

Eyes in Headlights E6

The scope of evidence against the suspect far exceeds his expectations. His attorney must think on his feet to protect him in this novella thriller conclusion.

Thriller 'Loose faceted diamonds'

Eyes in Headlights E5

The detective is trying to solve at least two criminal cases that spiral around one victim.

Thriller 'Nighttime police cars'

Eyes in Headlights E4

Dan’s conscience gets the better of him when speaking to police investigators.

Thriller 'Night-lit mansion'

Eyes in Headlights E3

Despite efforts to conceal evidence, police narrow in on Dan’s neighborhood for more clues.

Thriller 'Burning fireplace'

Eyes in Headlights E2

Dan tries to carry on as normal while a detective keeps discover­ing anomalies.


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'Driving on dark road'

Eyes in Headlights

Premiere: Traumatic events on a dark road alter the trajec­tory of Dan’s life, but he struggles to change the course of severe conse­quences in this novella mystery miniseries.


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