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'Android female pair (ai)'

Think Outside the Box

Experience the thrill of a story that explores the dangers of artificial intelligence. Join Alicia in her quest to build a machine that forever changes the world.

Finale 'Worried female portrait'

Demodex Dermal Disaster E2

Desperation sets in as doctors work feverishly to discover a viable method of delivering a cure to ailing mankind before the epidemic crosses borders.

'Female troubled by facial acne'

Demodex Dermal Disaster

Premiere: A tiny mite becomes the biggest threat to humanity in a sci-fi story about obsession, infection, and the fight for survival.

'Contemplative teenage boy'

Multipod Decision

A teenager reaches a pivotal moment in his education and seeks advice from school counselors and family, uncovering an unknown trait.

Finale 'Black car speeding on highway'

Shadows of Silence E2

An unlikely couple navigates deceit and danger for justice in a town filled with secrets, setting off a chain of events that forever changes their lives.

'Menacing fighter (ai)'

Shadows of Silence

Premiere: Sometimes, chance encounters create heroes. Brace yourself for a heart-pounding journey, as a simple question triggers an extraordinary mystery.


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'Man plays with homeless children'

Absent in Body Only

A power surge in the room of a convalescing comatose patient reanimates him after seven years on life support.

Finale 'Female skinny dipper floating'

The Big Dippers E2

Now that the misunderstanding is apparent to half of the couple, Meecham tries to salvage an outdoor date with amusing consequences.

'Backpacking couple on starry night (ai)'

The Big Dippers

Premiere: A romantic couple with a common interest in big dippers meets through an online dating site. However, their definitions of what that means do not align.

'Steampunk underwater battleship (ai)'

Barracuda Generation

In the future, human life as we know it will face ecological and physical challenges in a battle for existence between colliding worlds. Travel to that time now.

Finale 'Female fashion model'

Organ Wallet Rivalry E3

With decreasing life expectancy, Celeste hastens options for disfiguring her glamour rival, with a dastardly revenge plot.


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