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'Couple having serious talk'
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Love Beyond Reach E4

The forgotten dream rears it’s ugly head in three dimensions. Now Nick must quickly adapt.

Scifi 'Beautiful young woman photographs her restaurant meal'

Love Beyond Reach E3

As a married man, Nick must put aside his childhood dreams and zero in on his work and family.

Scifi 'Back of female wandering through forest'

Love Beyond Reach E2

No longer under the shadow of an older brother on campus, Nick meets some young ladies who differ from his expectations.

'Boy having dream of woman'

Love Beyond Reach E1

Premiere: As a teenager, Nick begins having dreams about a tangential love interest that affect lifelong decisions.

Finale 'Sunset traffic jam'

Fugitive Bystander E2

With no apparent place to run, Mason Douglas surrenders to police and attempts to explain the mistaken identity.


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'Fugitive Bystander E1'

Fugitive Bystander E1

Premiere: A quick run into a convenience store for snacks transforms a man’s simple life to front-page news when he encounters a very familiar robber.

Finale 'Tunneling bridge'

Mental Awakening E2

Carl must either find a path back home or out of what is becoming a waking nightmare in this surreal short story conclusion.

'Cobblestone street'

Mental Awakening E1

Premiere: A man who experiences recurring dreams and has a history of sleepwalking wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings that transport his mind on surreal journeys.

Finale 'Biracial couple mapping destination'

Postal Indiscretion E4

Irene learns more about Paul’s business and her part in it, with unanticipated consequences in this stunning miniseries conclusion.

Mystery 'Sunset bike riding couple'

Postal Indiscretion E3

Relationship barriers between Irene and Paul continue to dissolve as they become more comfortable with one another.

Mystery 'African-American postal worker'

Postal Indiscretion E2

Irene obtains permission from a postal customer to visit after hours. Neither one knows quite what to expect.

'Female postal carrier'

Postal Indiscretion E1

Premiere: A female postal worker addresses her own admiring glimpses of a residential customer on her route. But her emotions camouflage secrets beyond the front door.


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