Twit Ticker Debacle

Social media strategy

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Amid questionable authenti­city, an eccentric billionaire offers to purchase a massive social media company, until data reveals a disturbing discrepancy.

ClinicalNovellas story. The library of ClinicalNovellas includes digital therapeutic fiction that engages readers in an emotionally immersive and interactive story-driven experience.

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Kevin W

Kevin W

Why Elon Musk is so desperate for Twitter to make money.
Nov 2, 2022 at 11:02 AM PDT.

Kevin W

Kevin W

Ex-Twitter exec blows the whistle, alleging reckless and negligent cybersecurity policies.

Kevin W

Kevin W

And here we go again! Elon Musk files to pull out of $44 billion Twitter deal — but experts say he can’t just walk away.

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