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96 Premiere Novellas
'Fugitive Bystander E1'

Fugitive Bystander

Premiere: A quick run into a convenience store for snacks transforms a man’s simple life into front-page news when he encounters a very familiar robber.

Drama 'Female singer with band'

Rhythmic Metaverse

Three women unite after experiencing unrelated health scares. The challenges they must overcome lead to the next global entertainment phenomenon.

Mystery 'Cobblestone street'

Mental Awakening

Premiere: A man who experiences recurring dreams and has a history of sleepwalking wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings that transport his mind on surreal journeys.

Drama 'Happy blonde schoolgirls'

Juvenile Crossroad

A prim and proper young lady gets a lesson for attracting someone to take her to the high school prom.

Mystery 'Female postal carrier'

Postal Indiscretion

Premiere: A female postal worker addresses her admiring glimpses of a residential customer on her route. But her emotions camouflage secrets beyond the front door.


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Drama 'Two distorted human faces'

Asymmetric Splitface

Technology provides a way for those desiring a mate to double their success with Splitfaces, which allow patients to pair an alternate appearance.

Mystery 'Scolding child'

Raising Caine

Premiere: Eve’s bundle of joy is becoming a suspicious body of terror as she tries to prevent the portentous outcome of warring siblings in this mysterious short story.

Drama 'Girl with glasses reading in library (ai)'

Diminishing Pages

Books can only transport readers to new worlds when they’re available for consumption by eager minds. But mankind is facing a plague of disinformation.

Scifi 'Black female astronaut'

Deceitful Reflections

Janisha has escaped planet Earth to arrive within a parallel universe with familiar people, behaving unfamiliarly, in this sequel to Parallel Reflections.

Drama 'Nurse providing outdoor therapy'

Unanticipated Care

Premiere: A mature victim of violence finds himself in a convalescent home where a young nurse uncovers the fascinating life story of this isolated patient.

Drama 'Romantic black couple'

Unseen But Heard

A young man attempts to aim his life toward a trajectory that veers off course when beset by progressive visual anomalies.


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