The library of ClinicalNovellas includes digital therapeutic fiction that engages readers in an emotionally immersive and interactive story-driven experience.
62 Premiere Novellas
'Technically an Archeologist E1'

Technically an Archeologist

Premiere: During a visit to pick up new equipment, a techno­logy customer discovers an unlikely hero, with hopeful romance, in this sci-fi short story.

'Hitchhiking female with backpack'

Carly Carpe Diem

Premiere: In this novella drama miniseries, a street­wise mentor of life lessons must reign the hormones of an educationally neglected teen runaway that seeks idealized stardom on the road.

'Female drinking water'

Sound Off

A sudden mystery illness causes ongoing anxiety as Sasha, with the aid of medical professionals, endeavors to uncover what interferes with her hearing.

'Driving on dark road'

Eyes in Headlights

Premiere: Traumatic events on a dark road alter the trajec­tory of Dan’s life, but he struggles to change the course of severe conse­quences in this novella mystery miniseries.

'Beautiful woman and housekeeper'

Maid in Spain

Premiere: A wealthy female Spaniard wants to peer into the lives of domestic workers for first­hand experience, as research for her new book, in this novella miniseries.


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'Social media strategy'

Twit Ticker Debacle

Amid questionable authenti­city, an eccentric billionaire offers to purchase a massive social media company, until data reveals a disturbing discrepancy.

'Twin sisters whisper between door'

DoppelMatch For You

Premiere: An international service that reunites widows or lovers who breakup with a perfect match attracts a wealthy client with dangerous motives in this novella mystery miniseries.

'Bull and bear markets'

Financial Suicide

Even the wealthy can live beyond their means. A Wall Street executive climbs the corporate ladder before his world comes crashing down in this short mystery story.

'Hands holding basketball'

Immunity Concerts

Premiere: A pandemic turns the lives of families upside down as leaders struggle to craft a message of hope that goes awry in this dramatized account of factual events.

'Therapist comforting black man'

Mixed Reality Therapy

Premiere: A man tormented by a past decision, gets an opportunity to revisit that pivotal moment for an alternate outcome by means of technology in this dramatic miniseries.

'Hand of couple studying books'

Mae December Chemistry

Premiere: A budding romance with a wide age gap begins over a table of elements and flourishes with prospects of long-lasting life in this novella drama miniseries.

'Destination Nowhere E1'

Destination Nowhere

Premiere: A wife’s patient endurance of a loveless marriage wears out as Diana takes steps to address her monotonous existence in this dramatic novella miniseries.


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