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An adolescent life, complicated by a series of bad decisions in the name of love, has far-reaching consequences in this romance miniseries.

⚠️ While contrasting talent and commitment, this fictional coming-of-age-romantic drama portrays the results of ethics violations, voyeurism, dalliances, biological clocks, deceit, and scandalous lawsuits within educational institutions. Continue with discretion.

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Birth of an Artist


Lloyd has been drawing since he was four years old. Unrefined doodles of human figures began to take a more natural form by the time he was eight. In high school, his ability to shade and turn form exceeded any of his peers. Without surprise, he chooses to major in fine art during college. This opens up a new world for him.

The instructor introduces the first subject by saying, “Artists and persons in the medical profession view the human body differently than other people in general. With its underlying musculoskeletal system, subcutaneous fat, and seemingly endless positions, representing the human body on paper or canvas is one of the most complex tasks to master.

“As you look at Heather, our first model, peer beneath the skin at its anatomy to understand natural positions. Focus on how it responds to light and shadow to give it due respect when transforming it into a work of art.”

Instead of copying figures from magazines, he now sits before live nude models. After looking around the classroom at others’ reactions, he quickly settles in and begins demonstrating his skill.

The ability to move around the subject reveals whole new dimensions. There is nothing erotic about the exercise. As his knowledge of human anatomy increases, he becomes a better artist.

A Long-Range View

Jeff, an English Literature major, teases that Lloyd is taking art classes to get his jollies. “There are more gals than guys on this campus. Why don’t you get a real girlfriend instead of gawking at unattainable ladies?”

“This is a real career choice. I don’t gawk at models.”

Jeff then takes out a monocular for a closer look at some girls in the distance. Tapping Lloyd on the chest, he says, “Hey, check out the redhead over there. She’s a real piece of art.”

Peering through the monocular, Lloyd reacts, “Not bad. This thing is great. I’ve never seen one before. What is it?”

“It’s called a monocular—the key to becoming a man. I like it because it fits in a pants pocket.”

With possibilities flooding his mind, Lloyd asks, “Where can I get one of these?”

“You can hold on to this one for a while. I have another in my locker that’s more powerful. But make sure you don’t let people know you’re using it. If they call you a peeping Tom, administrators will confiscate it.”

“Thanks, Jeff.” Lloyd assures, “I’ll keep it in my pants.”

Exploring New Interests

When Lloyd returns to his art class, there is another model on the platform. But what captures his interest for the first time is his female instructor, Miss Rebecca Halter. He thinks she can’t be much older than 25. Today, her hair, makeup, and dress attract his attention. Or maybe it’s the lighting. Whatever the reason, Lloyd is enamored and draws her face on the model to see if his instructor notices.

After class, he can’t stop thinking about Miss Halter. An internet search reveals she lives near the campus. He saves the location in the Map app on his phone. After class the next day, he inquires, “Miss Halter, you’ve had some great models here. I’m curious, what do you do after school? Are you also a model?”

“No, Lloyd. My work doesn’t end when I leave the campus. I must grade papers and analyze each student’s progress to provide constructive suggestions. For example, you have a great ability to combine the face of one person with the body of another into one drawing.”

Lloyd responds flirtatiously, “Yeah, I was wondering if you’d notice.”

“As flattering as it may be, I hope you keep your thoughts of me appropriately academic. I’m going to retain your last drawing to prevent other students or faculty from getting the wrong impression.”

“Yes, Miss Halter. I need to get to my next class. See you tomorrow.”

When school lets out, Lloyd hangs around until his art teacher leaves the classroom. Following at a distance, he learns which car she drives. Estimating an hour to make stops on the way home, he rides his bike to her address and sees the car in her driveway. The home is spacious with lots of picture windows. Through his monocular, he sees artwork hanging on her walls.

Everything seems perfectly innocent until he notices Miss Halter exiting the hallway wearing a tight yoga outfit. Paralyzed with an inability to look away, Lloyd’s heart begins racing. He convinces himself that this is not as revealing as the models he views in class.

The uninvited views of his instructor nurture an obsession evident by more flirtatious classroom behavior. Over the next few days, he returns to scout closer vantage points and view her routine of practicing yoga positions.


Return twice weekly for miniseries. Any relation to actual persons or events is coincidental. Login provides the most immersive experience. About 7100 total words.

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