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89 Premiere Novellas
'Making floral bouquet'

Forgotten Petals

Premiere: Alan Timbre is a brutally beaten florist who does not report the crime or return home, but begins solving his own mugging despite memory loss.

'Sleeping infant'

Fall Between the Cracks

Tragedies can dim bright futures and limit lifelong goals. Keith is one who overcame such, with collateral damage.

'Personal psychotherapy'

Augmented Life Therapy

Sequel: A patient of prior high-tech psychotherapy returns for an unexpected update on new technology.

'Female wearing space helmet'

Parallel Reflections

An unlikely source influences a Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate to deceive the government space program.

'Pregnant mother with legs crossed'

Frightening Conception

Premiere: A woman with a surreal sense of reality endeavors to rein in her perceptions of troubling medical conditions in this terrifying sci-fi thriller.


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'Group of neighbors raising hands'

Opposites Attract

Premiere: A mysterious charismatic neighbor attracts the attention of a single mother and her daughter, escalating to fanciful encounters with momen­tous consequences.

'Lifelike female mannequin head'

Mysterious Padlow Mannequins

Disappearances provoke suspicions as a designer achieves living-legend status by creating manne­quins that are so life­like, that they replace salespersons.

'Mature woman transporter'

Rebirth Portal

Premiere: Scientists discover a method for getting a second life. But most who qualify cannot surmount two important requirements, until the ingenious discovery in this sci-fi miniseries.

'DJ at rave party'

Creative Career Acid Test

In this colorful short story, a young lady begins her career as a visual artist but soon finds herself fighting vices on the path to success.

'Treadmill runners'

Love Obsession

Premiere: An advertising art director pairs up with a secret admirer during a gym encounter, leading to a psychological thriller that dares anyone to interfere.


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