Barracuda Generation

Steampunk underwater battleship (ai)

In the future, human life as we know it will face ecological and physical challenges in a battle for existence between colliding worlds. Travel to that time now.

Maturity Age 14+

Underwater Future


In the year 2157, the world has changed beyond recognition. The human population has expanded to occupy every square mile of land, from coastal communities to arid deserts. This forces the Barracuda generation beneath the seas. Aliens to their planet, the males would only consider emerging from the depths of their dark liquid habitat during exigent emergencies.

Today, a group of poachers descend into the underwater city, lured by a glimpse of one of the underwater women gathering sea shells on the shore. These intruders manage to capture several Barracuda women, taking them to the surface. Their leaders are furious about the abduction. The young males have never ventured beyond the safety of their pellucid domain, but they know they have to act fast to save their amphibious women.

Underwater Breach

The men quickly board their steampunk Barracuda battleship and set course for the surface world. With no idea what to expect, they are determined to retrieve their mermaids at any cost. As they breach the surface, the sunlight is blinding. It’s a new experience, requiring a few moments to regain their sight.

The poachers’ small vessel is in the distance, and the Barracuda men quickly approach. Under the direction of Captain Zayn, they can overpower the poachers, with surprising ease. The absence of water resistance that’s typical beneath the sea, makes the Barracuda men faster, stronger, and more agile than any land-living human could ever be.

After winning the battle, the sea-dwellers return to the safety of their liquid habitat with their appreciative mermaids. Hopeful of avoiding a bitter feud with the world above, they never want to return to the surface again.

Underwater Sanctuary

These men of the sea begin pondering their future. They have always known that their existence is precarious, but the abduction underscores fragility. They need to find a way to survive in a world that is evolving with increasing violence.

As they work to adapt to this new reality, the Barracuda men experiment with new forms of technology. They develop weapons and protective gear, as well as new ways to communicate and navigate the expanding underwater world. They also begin to explore ocean depths, searching for new sources of food and other resources.

After many years of hard work and innovation, the Barracuda men have a thriving underwater society. They live in harmony with the ocean in a new world that is both beautiful and functional. Satisfied with life in harmony with sea creatures, they realize that they should avoid the surface.

Underwater Battle

Expanding the peaceful city beneath the sea, amid deplorable conditions on the surface, leaves the workers vulnerable. While a group is building an annex, one of the men nicks himself with a large laceration. This spreads blood in the water. The Barracuda men have always known that the ocean can be perilous, but they have never encountered anything like this.

A shiver of ominous sharks attracted to the blood begins circling closer and closer. Their sharp teeth glint in the murky water. The men quickly realize that they are in trouble, and they begin to scramble to grab harpoons and whatever tools they can find.

Nearby narrow crevices provide the best protection, but swimming the proximity jeopardizes some men. So with backs against each other forming a circle, the brave warriors prepare to fight off the carnivorous attackers.

They swing their weapons and dodge the sharks’ attacks. It’s a brutal battle, with blood and foaming bubbles flying everywhere. The sharks are powerful and relentless. One by one, the Barracuda men endure catastrophic bites. Losing hope, the remaining workers try to pull the fallen men to safety.

Just when it seems all hope is lost, underwater workers hear a sound in the distance. It’s the Barracuda battleship responding to the distress call. Captain Zayn launches a depth charge into the nearby seabed to scare away the sharks. He then waits for the bloody waters to clear up.

As visibility improves, another surprise awaits. Mermaids are deftly diverting the sharks away from the brave men. The battleship pursues them, picking off sharks with precision weapons. Surprised by the sudden attack, the sharks scatter. The battle ends, but the cost is high. Many victims have been maimed or killed.

The Barracuda men mourn their fallen comrades and work to repair the damage. This includes developing prosthetics for the maimed men. They know that the ocean is full of dangers, but they also understand that they cannot let fear control them. They vow to continue building their city and to protect it from any threat that comes their way.

Underwater Foreigner

One day, the underwater world receives an unexpected visitor. A skinny-dipping female is floating motionless near their underwater city. Encountering a woman without fins so far from the surface shocks everyone within the vicinity.

At first, the men fear that she may be a threat to their society. But after reviving and speaking to Dianthia, they realize that she is lost and alone, posing no harm to them.

Over time, the woman becomes a part of the Barracuda society. She learns to live underwater and forms an attraction to Zayn. Despite objections from mermaids, for his forming a union with a foreigner, he takes her as a wife. From their experience together, they develop protocols for adapting humans from the overcrowded world above to underwater life.

As the years pass, the Barracuda men remain cautious, but not fearful of the surface world. Within their, paradise deep beneath the waves, they appear to live happy and fulfilling lives.

Underwater Betrayal

A new discovery interrupts their bliss. Dianthia turns out to be a Trojan horse—a spy infiltrating the city. She now has the means to parcel out prime real estate for new families without a ground surface on which to live. Her mission is to report back to her people on the surface of the Barracuda’s location and weaknesses.

Men in the city feel betrayed and hurt, but they also know they need to act fast. They can’t let their hard work and peaceful society fall into the hands of the land-living humans. Zayn immediately detains Dianthia for interrogation. Other men feel he may not be impartial, but relent to his authority.

Through Dianthia’s confession, the Barracuda men learn that their habitat is not the only one in existence. Distant underwater communities share the same problem: the surface world is slowly encroaching upon their homes, trying to claim their territories. Captain Zayn reaches out to neighboring communities, and together, they form a powerful alliance.

The men want to banish Dianthia, but she has already borne Zayn’s progeny. So she remains as a civilian, stripped of any administrative authority.

With a new purpose, the coalition of the Barracuda generation works tirelessly to strengthen their underwater cities. New technologies and training allow their people to defend their sanctuary from threats above and below the surface.

The End

This is an expansion of a Mastodon 500-character story. #WritingPrompt on March 22, 2023.

Return twice weekly for miniseries. Any relation to actual persons or events is coincidental. Login provides the most immersive experience. About 1200 total words. Story includes one or more generative AI images to help readers visualize scenes.

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