Organ Wallet Rivalry

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With the success of bioprinting cutting-edge organs, surgeons give model patients of elective surgery, who carry highly advanced digital files of major organs, a fighting chance in operating rooms.

Follow this short story of deceit, revenge, and mystery, as rivals seek to maintain dominance within their careers.

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As a glamorous socialite and supermodel, Skylar Reins has undergone her share of cosmetic procedures to maintain her flawless and ageless youthful appearance. Following a CT scan of her entire body, she obtains a digital organ wallet. It contains files to replicate her heart, lungs, liver, kidney, and reproductive organs.

The standard time from scan to implantation often exceeds a month. A digital organ wallet can shave precious time off the process of bioprinting organs during a life-threatening enigmatic emergency. This eliminates the need for donor organs with their lifetime requirement of immunosuppressive drugs.

An upcoming youthful rival, Celeste, wants to supplant Skylar’s prominence. So she hires a hacker named Arlan to modify the contents of Skylar’s organ wallet. Then Celeste plans to stage a mysterious life-threatening accident.

The Payoff

By invitation, Arlan shows up at Celeste’s airy apartment overlooking the Hollywood Hills. “You must be new at this. Clients don’t usually invite hackers into their homes. Now that I’m here, where’s the money?”

“It’s all in this backpack. You can count it if you want.”

“That won’t be necessary. I know where you live. Gaining access to the digital wallet, modifying files, and returning the replacements will require me to get within proximity of the target, multiple times.”

“Are you saying it’s not possible? We went over this on the phone.”

“It’s possible, but I’m going to have to either befriend her or have a legitimate reason to be near her without raising suspicion. It will take less than two weeks. After that’s done, how messy should the next step be?”

Celeste clarifies. “I don’t want you to kill her. She just needs some type of perilous car accident that requires transplantation of a vital organ within her digital wallet.”

Arlan confirms. “Automobile accidents are too unpredictable. I know a guy that can get it done.”

Weeks transpire and Skylar is still the top model. Efforts to reach Armand are unsuccessful, so Celeste believes he skipped town without going through with the plan. Her inexperience stalls efforts to hire someone else.

Heartless Conflict

Months later, a congenital heart condition lands Celeste in the hospital. The hacker she hired works with Skylar. He modified her wallet when in her apartment. Doctors unknowingly bioprint an enlarged heart that will shorten Celeste’s life.

The young fashion model begins experiencing mysterious post-surgical swelling in her legs and midsection. She fears these bodily changes will end her career. This causes her to have remorse for vile intentions towards Skylar. So Celeste reaches out to befriend the person she doesn’t realize is responsible for implanting a ticking “time bomb” within her.

Masked by large, dark sunglasses, the two women share lunch on the patio of a swanky Beverly Hills restaurant. Without mentioning her devious plot, Celeste apologizes for any ill will.

“We each chose this competitive career that nurtures a desire to ascend to the top model. This stirred fantasies of your misfortune. For this, I’m sorry. You did nothing to deserve it.”

Skylar replies, “Thank you for saying that. We both share nefarious intents. It’s time to put that behind us. What a dreadful freak accident you’ve been through.”

Celeste explains the need to step out of the limelight to focus on her health. “Our life can change so quickly. Fortunately, I had a digital organ wallet. There are some side effects to the surgery. During recovery, I will not be sharing any fashion runways with you.”

Perceiving compassion, she tells her new friend, “Hopefully, this patio can become a frequent commiseration rendezvous of ours.”

“Sure. You have my number. Text me whenever you want to meet up.”

Medical Discovery

During a medical follow-up visit in a bright Beverly Hills office, Dr. Douglas Andrews explains to Celeste that her heart is defective, providing an ominous diagnosis.

This disturbing news causes her to lash out. “I’m confused. The digital files were supposed to prevent this!”

Her physician promises to investigate the cause. “You have a valid reason to be upset. My office is communicating with the developer of this technology. We hope to provide some answers. In the mean time, you will not receive a bill for any follow-up medical procedures.”

Distraught over the news, Celeste returns to her favorite cafe. Sitting out front in her car, she texts Skylar to meet her. From a distance, she sees Arlan enjoying a romantic lunch date with Skylar at their table. He has been ignoring her messages. As Celeste snaps photos of the encounter, the source of her tragedy becomes clear.

Obtaining revenge on Skylar and her deceitful accomplice supplants the prior desire for her companionship. The first goal is to break up the romance by enticing Arlan. Then she wants to disfigure Skylar in a way that prevents her from ever walking down another fashion runway.

Before Celeste can entice anyone, she needs to reduce the swelling in her abdomen and legs. This requires diet modification, specific exercises, juicing, and a prescription diuretic pill. As months go by, during rehabilitation, the relationship between Skylar and Arlan heats up. Celeste accumulates various photos of the couple frequently out on the town.


Return twice weekly for miniseries. Any relation to actual persons or events is coincidental. Login provides the most immersive experience. About 2800 total words. Story includes one or more generative AI images to help readers visualize scenes.

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