Three Ticks From Death

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Can it be a coincidence that a woman is three times just three minutes away from a horrific event? One detective has suspicions.

⚠️ This story requires discretion since it includes explosions or gunfire in the audio that may disturb some readers.

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Situation 1: Shot in the Dark


Shante finds herself caught in a gripping altercation in a dimly lit grocery parking lot. The flickering lampposts cast eerie shadows that dance ominously on the pavement. The distant hum of traffic becomes a symphony of impending danger.

As Shante awaits her turn, another vehicle attempts to seize the coveted space. Determined to defend her territory, she maneuvers her car forward, blocking the interloper’s path. A tempest of anger engulfs the confrontation, and the air thickens with hostility. The young man’s eyes smolder with rage, and a mysterious older man materializes from the shadows.

Within the maelstrom, Shante senses a sinister undercurrent, a choreographed dance of malevolence. A surge of adrenaline courses through her veins, heightening her senses. Time bends as if destiny itself holds its breath. Instinct compels her to flee the scene, leaving the imminent tragedy behind.

Three minutes after stepping into the store, the chilling echo of a gunshot shatters the tranquility of soft shopping music. The air trembles in response, carrying the weight of a life lost. The scent of gunpowder hangs in the air, mingling with the sharp tang of fear. Surveillance cameras record Shante near the crime, so officers question her as a witness without detainment.

Situation 2: Popcorn Pops

In a quest for solace from the lingering trauma, Shante seeks refuge within the comforting darkness of a grand theater. The opulent velour seats envelop her, providing an illusion of safety in an unpredictable world. Yet, unbeknownst to patrons, the theater itself becomes a stage for another rendezvous with kismet.

As the movie trailers flicker across the silver screen, the atmosphere hums with anticipation. The tantalizing aroma of freshly popped popcorn permeates the air, a siren’s call to fleeting pleasures. Shante succumbs to the allure, making her way through dimly lit corridors toward the concession stand.

The rhythmic popping sound intensifies, like a harbinger of impending doom. Each burst becomes an eerie countdown, stirring a sense of foreboding. Soon, the pops synchronize with the rhythmic sound of gunfire. As the action on the big screen becomes reality, a stream of customers merge to flee the auditoriums.

Abandoning her desire for the nugatory puffed kernels, Shante joins the panicked exodus, her every step echoing the urgency of her flight. Outside, chaos reigns supreme, as the world fractures under the weight of violence. Police officers lockdown the area to arrest the shooter and interview everyone.

Situation 3: Breaking Free

The mountain cabin, a seemingly idyllic haven, becomes the backdrop for the final act in this wicked symphony of fate. Shante yearns to sever the shackles of an obsessive boyfriend, Raymond, whose grip grows tighter with each passing day.

Dusk descends, casting an ethereal glow upon the landscape. The poorly lit roads twist and turn, mirroring the helix of Shante’s life. The shadows of the towering trees whisper secrets of the night, amplifying the sense of foreboding that lingers in the air. The cabin, nestled amidst nature’s embrace, seems both a sanctuary and a snare.

As the night unfolds its inky embrace, Shante and Raymond find solace in the flickering fire, casting dancing shadows on the walls. The crackling flames provide a false sense of security, concealing the triplous deceit enveloping them. The starlit sky, like a cosmic witness, bears witness to their fragile façade.

Morning arrives, and with it, the moment of reckoning. Shante weaves her plans like a master manipulator, using the promise of breakfast as a lure. Raymond, oblivious to the true nature of their journey, embarks on a treacherous descent down the winding mountain road.

Three minutes after his departure, a text message diverts Raymond’s attention, a distraction that seals his fate. The wheels of his car lose their grip, and the world spins out of control. The screeching tires, the desperate swerve to avoid disaster—it all becomes a morbid spectacle. The tragic outcome serves as another piece of the puzzle in this elaborate date with destiny.

Three Many Coincidences

The sharp gaze of Detective Megan Anthony penetrates the veil of these three coincidences. She recognizes a pattern woven within the fabric of Shante’s life. The weight of curiosity tugs at her, beckoning her to uncover the truth that lies beneath the surface. As she delves deeper into the enigma, the suspense thickens, propelling them both toward an unimaginable confrontation.

She points out to her partner the anomaly. “Hey Frank, take a look at this. Within one week, this woman has been an innocent bystander in three fatal incidents.”

While sipping his coffee, he nods and says, “She’s not a suspect in any of them, but it certainly is curious.”

Megan clicks her tongue and responds, “She obviously wasn’t the shooter at the theater, but she was at the epicenter of the parking lot altercation and she sent a text message moments before her boyfriend careened off the road. Each time she walked away unscathed. I think it’s worthy of more thorough questioning.”


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