Smackdown Defense

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A former MMA fighter’s life takes a dark turn when a self-defense incident plunges him into a gripping legal battle in this fictional miniseries.

MMA is a full-contact combat sport combining striking and grappling techniques from various martial arts disciplines.

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Walking From Violence


During his youth, Marcus Roberts trained tirelessly as a mixed martial arts fighter, dedicating years to mastering various fighting techniques. By his mid-thirties, he had earned numerous trophies and accolades, yet the violence inherent in the sport weighed heavily on him. Seeking tranquility and a new purpose beyond the ring, Marcus boxed up his trophies and embraced a life of peacefulness.

His mornings began with meditation, helping him find inner calm for the day ahead. In the evenings, Marcus enjoyed brisk walks, appreciating the beauty of sunsets and the tranquility they brought. Despite leaving competitive fighting behind, he remained vigilant, a habit from years of training.

Rekindling Instinctive Behavior

One fateful evening, Marcus walked along a busy street, clearing his mind of negative thoughts. As a husky man approached on the narrow sidewalk, something about the man’s wild, darting eyes put Marcus on edge. The man’s erratic behavior hinted at trouble, causing Marcus to tense up instinctively, muscles readying for potential danger.

Without warning, the man, his mental state unknown, lunged forward, swinging at Marcus with vicious intent. Years of conditioning took over. In a split second, Marcus sidestepped and countered with a swift punch, sending the man stumbling backward onto the road. Tragically, a passing vehicle struck the fallen man, unable to avoid the collision. The sound of screeching tires and a sickening thud hung heavily in the air.

Preparing For Accusations

Within moments, an ambulance and police arrived, securing the scene and attending to the injured attacker. Marcus, grappling with shock, quickly explained that he acted in self-defense. However, a witness who saw only the punch provided a conflicting perspective, leading the police to take Marcus into custody for further investigation.

Despite his insistence on self-defense, Marcus was devastated by the turn of events. He posted bail with his house as collateral and faced an uncertain future. The peaceful life he had cultivated was overshadowed by a looming legal battle.

Marcus, devastated by the turn of events, manages to secure his release by posting bail with his house as collateral. However, he now faces an uncertain future as he awaits the impending trial, hoping justice will prevail.

Determined to maintain his composure, Marcus resumed his evening walks, finding solace in the rhythm of his footsteps and the setting sun. He hoped that somehow, the truth would prevail.

Building a Case

The medical examiner, unable to determine if Wayne Phillips died from the punch or the vehicle impact due to the mangled condition of the body, left the cause of death ambiguous. Nevertheless, the district attorney, Malory Hutchins, sought to build a case against Marcus, delving into his past and highlighting his fighting career. Family members of Wayne Phillips, who suffered from a mental illness, argued that Marcus could have simply blocked the punch.

Hutchins aimed to portray Marcus as a dangerous individual with a violent history. Meanwhile, Marcus’ legal team worked tirelessly to gather evidence supporting his self-defense claim. They interviewed witnesses who attested to the aggressive nature of Wayne’s attack and Marcus’ swift, instinctual response, trying to establish him as a peaceful man who had left his fighting days behind.

As the trial approached, Marcus felt the weight of the impending legal battle, leading to sleepless nights and moments of doubt. He questioned whether he could have handled the situation differently, hoping that the truth would ultimately become evident in court.


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