Cybernetic Genocide

Colorful cyborg female reclining (ai)

In this heart-pumping sci-fi story of sentient beings, will the Secret Society Against Sentience succeed in their revolt against the dystopian patriarchy endangering mankind?

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Nurturing Sentient Companions


Fulfilling every male fantasy, flawless female cyborgs are both available and affordable. They’re so plentiful that some leave the showrooms to wander the streets for human companionship.

Actual women who understand the potential to eradicate mankind discover a weakness in the cyborg females. Whenever they approach electrical transformers, their vein-like wires and strands of hair light up and overload with electric pulses, causing them to short-circuit.

Through an underground communication network, scientifically minded women form the Secret Society Against Sentience (SSAS). The matriarchal Grans, as other women call them, begin attaching compact transformers on each 10G WiFi tower throughout all the cities across the country.

For complete success, every cyborg in the country must be destroyed. The Grans urge women to purchase the new Cumquat smartphone and activate 10G on a specific date. This should cause every cyborg in the country to simultaneously short-circuit. For now, women watch as cyborgs appear to have the upper hand, disrupting families.

With an upward trajectory, seventy percent of marriages are ending in divorce. The male-dominated society passed a law with a special provision to eliminate alimony, as long as the husband begins cohabitation with a cyborg within 90 days. Nearly all cohabitation now includes a cyborg. Human women are saddled with the responsibility of raising children they brought forth before divorce.

Men can choose lifelike cyborgs with any ethnic appearance and body measurements or include mechanical steampunk accessories. They have more stamina for every aspect of male pleasure. Without fatigue or complaints, female cyborgs can cook a gourmet meal, dance into the wee hours, and please their man full of sildenafil citrate all night.

Destroying the Family Unit

The husband of a woman named Karen left her for a cyborg and took their kids with him. With nothing left to lose, Karen joined the SSAS and vowed to do everything in her power to help eradicate cyborgs from the world.

A small-town Midwesterner named Jessica was struggling to make ends meet. After losing her job to a feminine cyborg, her husband left her for one as well. Without money or prospects, Jessica felt like she had hit rock bottom. But then she heard about the SSAS and decided to join.

As another member of the SSAS, Serena anxiously awaits the rollout of the new Cumquat smartphone. Serena, with two girls and a boy, was married 7 years to Edward. When he found out that the monthly payments for a cyborg were less than what it costs to maintain a human wife, he filed for divorce.

Giving Mankind a Pulse

Rayana is Edward’s cyborg mate. She intercepts a transmission regarding the covert cyborg genocide with less than two hours to escape. So Rayana begins to run from the city. Down an alley, through busy streets, dodging autonomous vehicles, she strides without exhaustion, hoping to make it to a rural area void of WiFi networks.

Quickening her pace as she sees markers for a national park, her speed now exceeds 70 miles per hour. The destination is in sight. Trees overtake the horizon as Rayana continues running.

Karen, Jessica, Serena, and countless other women across the country hold up their phones and press a button when the countdown ends. Some do so in groups, while others await the reaction outside the homes of their ex-spouses. There is a faint humming sound, and then the world around them erupts in chaos.

Every cyborg—from the ones wandering the streets to the ones nestled in the arms of their human companions—convulses and collapses onto balconies, sidewalks, and apartment floors.

Firetruck sirens supplant the crackling of blue lightning from 10G networks activating within each city. For a moment, the women stand in stunned silence, watching the chaos. But then, slowly, they begin to smile. Their mission is a success, having freed themselves from the grip of a male-dominated society.

Amid the flora away from the city, Rayna, feeling she has escaped, turns around like Lot’s wife in Genesis. The veins in her face illuminate as she raises her head to view the height of a faux tree 10G tower above her. All the beauty implodes as she becomes a smoldering cinder.

Now the real women control mankind’s future. Many men reconcile with their former wives. As months go by, Serena watches her children play in the park. She is content knowing that their future is in the secure hands of the Secret Society Against Sentience that restored the family unit.

The End

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