An Author’s Eraser

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A man’s hidden power to erase adversaries leaves a trail of enigmas. Reflect on the consequences before your next malevolent encounter.

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The Ideal Characters


Tyler Moore is a charismatic writer whose career began by reimagining unfavorable events throughout his life. He basks solely in the company of loyal friends, yet his remarkable gift remains shrouded in mystery. The lack of enemies among acquaintances is due to his bizarre ability to erase anyone who confronts him with malice.

Shannon, for example, is a character who ignited Tyler’s stress. With his vulgar language, relentless substance abuse, and intrusive presence, Shannon’s behavior became intolerable. Seeking respite, Tyler channeled his frustrations into a fictional story on his blog, where Shannon’s character was kidnapped. Astonishingly, within a month of its publication, his toxic acquaintance ceased to haunt him.

Next on Tyler’s list of irritants was Molly. Her incessant talk about marriage and having babies reached unbearable levels. Ironically, he never expressed romantic interest in her. Unplanned encounters during his everyday errands suggested to Tyler that Molly was stalking him. To address this discomfort, he crafted a tale where she embarked on a whirlwind romance with a man who relocated far away. Tyler was relieved when Molly vanished from his life.

Control Option Delete

Few writers use manual typewriters or pencils that allow them to erase errors. The delete button on a computer keyboard is the most powerful editing tool. Combining this with creative writing tests the boundaries of Tyler’s retribution.

After a casual gathering with friends for happy-hour drinks, Tyler returned home to a ransacked apartment. His belongings were scattered, his watch collection, containing invaluable pieces, had vanished. A password-protected laptop had disappeared. Even bottles of wine and a marinating steak from the refrigerator were pilfered. Authorities acknowledged the common occurrence of food theft during burglaries with the unlikelihood of recovery.

Tyler admitted, “I wouldn’t eat a returned steak anyway, but listing everything’s value is necessary for insurance purposes.”

As Tyler spent a day meticulously restoring order to his home, anger simmered within him. His watch collection held more than mere monetary value. It embodied sentimental attachments and irreplaceable memories. Lost in contemplation, Tyler pondered uncharted territory—could his writing affect the life of someone he had never known?

Summoning his creative prowess, Tyler crafted a gripping story about a thief who sells a stolen watch collection at a nearby pawn shop. In the narrative, the thief met a tragic end, struck by a speeding car that callously fled the scene. A week later, Tyler discovered his prized collection at the very same pawn shop. Days afterwards, a cold encounter awaits him at his doorstep.

A Chilling Visit

On a frosty and foreboding evening, a police detective arrives unannounced, her demeanor conveying a sense of urgency.

“Mr. Moore, I’m Detective Megan Anthony. I have crucial information regarding your burglary. May I come in?” she inquires.

Eagerly, Tyler welcomes her inside. “Sure. Please have a seat on the sofa.”

The detective proceeds, “We have a hit-and-run victim in our morgue. In his pocket, we found a pawn ticket that led us to items you reported stolen.”

The weight of the revelation unsettles Tyler. “That’s terrible. Yes, I did visit the pawn shop to recover my belongings.”

Detective Anthony’s gaze bores into Tyler’s eyes. “That’s understandable. However, I stumbled upon your online story, published a week before the incident, detailing the precise sequence of events. Do you know what I call that?”

Caught off guard, Tyler hesitates, refraining from offering an explanation. “I suppose it’s a coincidence,” he ventured.

Detective Anthony’s tone turns grave. “No, Mr. Moore. I call that premeditation with motive. Now, tell me, where were you on Thursday afternoon?”

Nervously rubbing his sweaty palms together, Tyler replies, “I was working.”

Detective Anthony’s expression softens slightly. “What’s the address of your place of employment?”

Tyler’s alibi falters as he reluctantly admits, “Actually, I work remotely, from home. So I was here.”

The detective’s gaze hardens once more. “Mr. Moore, do you know what I call that?”

Anxiety grips Tyler. “No, I don’t want to guess.”

Detective Anthony’s voice is somber as she replies, “I call that opportunity. I strongly suggest you accompany me to the station.”

Concerned about incarceration based on circumstantial evidence, Tyler inquires, “Are you arresting me?”

“Not at this time. However, your voluntary cooperation can eliminate you as a suspect,” Detective Anthony cautions.

More Opportunity for Erasure

After assuring Detective Anthony of his unwavering commitment to remain in town, Tyler peers through the window at her figure receding in the distance. A sense of urgency courses through his veins. He rushes to his laptop, fingers dancing across the keyboard as if his very life depended on it.

In this mendacity, the detective, is burdened by an injury sustained in the line of duty. This leads to forcible removal from the case during a prolonged recovery. The investigation is reassigned to an overburdened officer, and crucial evidence mysteriously vanishes into thin air.

Averting the crisis calls for celebration. While dining with a group of friends, an inebriated patron unknowingly makes his female companion uncomfortable. Tyler’s male friend, seething with anger, clenches his fists, ready to confront the unruly stranger.

Sensing the tension, Tyler intervenes, his voice barely above a whisper. “Let it go,” he urges, his eyes glinting with an unnerving intensity.

Reluctantly, his friend acquiesces, but a sense of unease settles over the table. After bidding farewell to his friends, Tyler returns home, his mind consumed by a twisted compulsion. Alone in the quiet of his apartment, he settles in front of his laptop, his fingers trembling with anticipation. The tapping of the keys fills the room, echoing through the darkness as his narrative unfolds.

Tyler’s extraordinary ability evolves into a chilling tool for vigilantism. In this tale, the inebriated patron faces consequences far beyond what readers could imagine. The lines between justice and revenge blur as Tyler’s moral compass wavers in the face of his newfound authority.

Local news reports become rife with incidents that mirror his fictional narratives, with wrongdoers mysteriously disappearing or meeting grim fates. Throngs of blog readers relish the chilling reminder of the thin line between creation and destruction. Check your own temper in public. Before inadvertently crossing someone like Tyler, remember his ability to erase. It’s an unsettling enigma where fiction and reality collide.

The End

Many cyber Tylers lurking in the shadows weaponize the internet, executing virtual assassinations of anyone who cross them. Vile comments can roost on social media, product reviews, blogs, or their comment section.

Return twice weekly for miniseries. Any relation to actual persons or events is coincidental. Login provides the most immersive experience. About 1100 total words. Audio may include sound effects that alter reading time.

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