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'Fresh bottled juices'

Satisfied Without Solid Food

You don’t want to do it. And I don’t recommend it. But how long could you live without solid food?

Nutrition 'Train Yourself To Eat Less'

Train Yourself To Eat Less

Most people keep eating until they are full. But this is not a good indicator of when to put your fork down.

Nutrition 'People With Anorexia Don’t See Thin'

Anorexics Don’t See Thin

There are several causes for eating disorders. The solu­tion to anorexia nervosa is not as simple as eating more. Anorexics are trying to look normal.

Nutrition 'Acquire Taste For Water'

Acquire Taste For More Water

Before drinking necessary amounts of water, you have to stomach the taste. Tap water differs among major cities, rural areas, and costal communities.

Fitness 'Woman awakening tired'

Begin Your Day With More Energy

The amount of energy your body has to power through the day depends on what you do the night before and how you start your morning.


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Nutrition 'How To Age Gracefully'

How To Age Gracefully

Women may worry about menopause and sagging breasts. Men battle enlarg­ing prostate, hair loss, and more.

Nutrition 'Lose Weight Without Dieting'

Lose Weight Without Dieting

Like a rubber band, every time you diet, the weight comes right back. It is time for a different approach.

Fitness 'Poolside female swimmer'

Sculpt A Healthy Happy Bikini Body

Are you ready to strap on swim­wear before lounging pool­side while social dis­tanc­ing? Follow these tips to get in shape for the summer.

Gastroenterology 'When You Should Take Probiotics'

Advantages of Probiotics

Some doctors do not address the collateral damage of broad-spectrum antibiotics. This article presents causes and treatments for microbial imbalance.

Nutrition 'Yeasty restaurant foods'

Carb Bingeing Could Be Yeast Craving

Candida yeast, present in every­one’s gut, can grow out of proportion. Outsmart your yeasty gut with your grocery cart.

Food 'Lose Weight With The Foods You Love'

Lose Weight With The Foods You Love

Diets fail when you resume eating the foods you love. Learn portion control for indulgences while introduc­ing a larger group of healthy food options.

Food 'Healthy snacks'

Choose Healthy Snack Options

If you are finding it difficult to resist unhealthy snacks, here are some clever substitutions to satisfy your cravings.


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