What is Health Care?


Losing Invincibility


Good health is some­thing we assume as a birth­right. Our bodies work the way they should. We breathe, eat, sleep, and enjoy life unencum­bered by the poking and probing of doctors.

As we age, ideal health goes on retirement. We endure pain from simple tasks like rising from bed or bending to tie a shoe. This is when we rally around the health­care system. To doctors, we plead, “Restore the ache-free life of my youth.”

Senior Health Care

The medical profession is adroit in handling trauma or removing benign masses. Punctures and fractures can be sutured and patched. Our bodies take over most of the healing when we are healthy. Physio­therapy or mental health inter­ven­tion can be helpful during recovery from major trauma.

For chronic pain and disease, we often visit healthcare professionals and receive less satisfying solutions. Prescription pain relievers with undesir­able side effects fill our medicine cabinets. These are not cures; they are distrac­tions from incurable conditions.

Better Health Care

The truth is that caring for health is an individual responsibility. Proper nutrition and regular physical fitness are behaviors we cannot pickup from the pharmacy counter.

Barring congenital ailments, we can control the path to good health. Plan nutritious meals for each day. Visit the park or gym at least three times per week. Stretch and walk, jog, or bike five times per week. Stay active if you care about your health and want to extend pain-free life. That’s real health care.

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Updated: Dec 12, 2022

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