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'Hard to Feel Scleroderma'

Hard to Feel Scleroderma

Your skin begins harden­ing. What factors suggest internal organ damage? How can this require dermatology, rheumatology, and pulmonology experts?

Orthopedics 'Developing Osteoarthritis'

Types of Hand Pain

Aches and pains come with aging. Most doctors expect you to manage a reasonable thresh­old of pain. But there is treat­ment for arthritis.

Internist 'Costly Patient Referrals Cripple Healthcare'

Avoid Costly Patient Referrals

Can HSA patient charts be flagged in a manner that alerts primary care physi­cians to limit expensive referrals?

Gastroenterology 'Are You Passing Too Much Gas?'

How To Reduce Flatulence

Despite health benefits of passing gas, there are times when it is inappropriate. Here are ways to prevent embarrass­ment.

Nutrition '9 Reasons You May Feel Fatigued'

Tired of Fatigue

With the general lack of stamina, many do not have access to affordable healthcare. What’s the difference between normal tiredness and fatigue?


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Rheumatology 'Juvenile Arthritis Symptoms and Treatments'

What is Juvenile Arthritis?

Juvenile, or childhood, arthritis is a broad term used to describe the many auto­immune and inflam­matory conditions that can develop in children under 17.

Pulmonology 'Closing In On Cure For Covid-19'

Closing In On Covid-19 Cure

For most people, COVID-19 attacks lungs or other systems of the body. Results from a Phase 3 clinical trial promise a viable vaccine by January 2021—or not.

Pulmonology 'PPE face mask'

Behind The Mask

Which masks are best for virus protection? While supplies last, ClinicalPosters is selling PPE for use outside of the medical profession.

Gastroenterology 'How Do People Become Morbidly Obese?'

How People Become Morbidly Obese

When you pass obese on the BMI chart, things become laborious. Some medical conditions exacerbate weight gain. Genes and social issues increase risk.

Internist 'Coronavirus Herd Immunity Fallacy'

Coronavirus Herd Immunity Fallacy

Herd immunity occurs when some­one without the virus is surrounded by a barrier of those who are immune.

Food 'You Are Not Eating What The Label Says'

Not Consuming The Foods You Think

Ingredient replacement and unlabeled supplements can trigger allergies and deceive consumers into purchasing inferior products.

Fitness 'Are You Masking Serious Illness?'

Don’t Mask Serious Illness

In the absence of a well-defined body of evidence, early symptoms of percolating problems may be mis­diag­nosed or ignored.


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