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'Coronavirus Herd Immunity Fallacy'

Coronavirus Herd Immunity Fallacy

Outdated: Herd immunity occurs when some­one without the virus is surrounded by a barrier of those who are immune.

Food 'You Are Not Eating What The Label Says'

Not Consuming The Foods You Think

Ingredient replacement and unlabeled supplements can trigger allergies and deceive consumers into purchasing inferior products.

Fitness 'Are You Masking Serious Illness?'

Don’t Mask Serious Illness

In the absence of a well-defined body of evidence, early symptoms of percolating problems may be mis­diag­nosed or ignored.

Gastroenterology '15 Reasons For Constipation'

Managing Constipation

Four days without a move­ment can signal a medical emer­gen­cy. Hydrate fre­quent­ly, exercise daily, eat balanced meals, and avoid laxa­tive over­use.

Emotions 'Doctor Visits Can Seem Risky'

Doctor Visits Can Seem Risky

As the coronavirus reaches its peak, one of the most frighten­ing places to go might be your doctor’s office.


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Orthopedics 'Successfully Treating Sciatic Pain'

Successfully Treating Sciatic Pain

How to endure and treat sciatica with persistence and multi­disciplinary coopera­tion.

Cardiology 'How To Reduce Cholesterol Without Statins'

Decrease Cholesterol Without Statins

You need to maintain low cholesterol levels. This waxy buildup within blood vessels may block a major artery, restricting oxygen to your brain.

Immunology 'Asthma With COVID-19 Concerns'

Asthmatics Susceptible to COVID-19

Until more data is available, anyone with chronic lung problems, including asthma, should take extra precautions to avoid any additional respiratory infections.

Internist '3 Undesirable Medical Conditions'

Three Phrases You and Your Doctor Avoid

As a patient, do you have the audacity to suggest you have one of these ailments that shocks your doctor?

Internist 'How Entertainment Alters Our Desire For Diagnosis'

How Entertainment Alters Our Desire For Diagnosis

It’s entertaining to watch com­plex ill­nesses resolve within an hour. Has stand­ard for health­care lowered or is Hollywood raising expectations?

Food 'Make Smoothies That Satisfy Hunger'

Are You A Smoothie Criminal?

Several factors determine whether your smoothies are satisfying and healthy. Cut through the misinformation and learn what science reveals.

Nutrition 'Are You Getting Enough Potassium?'

Are You Getting Enough Potassium?

Many Americans do not consume enough potassium. With abundant potassium food sources, consider various ways to eat it.


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