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'Asian senior couple'

California Clinics to Cut Medicaid Rx

Budget cuts may cause California clinics provid­ing essen­tial Medicaid pre­scrip­tions to shut down. Some clinics may begin charging for drugs.

Internist 'Operating room doctors'

International Nurses Fill Hospital Pandemic Shortage

Billings Clinic is just one of the scores of hospitals across the U.S. looking abroad to ease a shortage of nurses worsened by the pandemic.

Internist 'High-tech doctor'

Move Healthcare Forward

Forward is ideal for either young people without health insurance or for pre-Medicare patients with insurance that want quick and easy access to health questions.

Nephrology 'Hands holding smartphone on toilet'

Urinalysis Nightmare

A man discovers an unsettling sight during a bathroom visit that leads to a sequence of rapid medical events with laggard resolution.

Food 'Plea For Vegetarianism'

Plea For Plant-Based Diet

The dependence upon meat is disproportionate to the benefit. You don’t actually crave meat as much as you do protein.


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Dermatology 'How and Why Keep Wounds Dry'

Why Keep Wounds Dry

Wounds heal from the upper layer of skin, downward. To form a scab, blood clots and dries. How and why do you keep it dry?

Dermatology 'Necrotizing Fasciitis'

Necrotizing Fasciitis Danger

See a doctor right away if you have these symptoms after an injury or surgery.

Nephrology 'Your Kidney is A Pain in the Back'

Your Kidney is a Pain in the Back

Problem kidneys can be manifested by changes in urination, backaches, fatigue and in other ways.

Nutrition 'Acquire Taste For Water'

Acquire Taste For More Water

Before drinking necessary amounts of water, you have to stomach the taste. Tap water differs among major cities, rural areas, and costal communities.

Cardiology 'Pelvic Congestion Syndrome Pain'

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

This chronic painful condition generally begins with pregnancy. What are the symptoms and factors that can increase pain?

Nutrition 'How To Age Gracefully'

How To Age Gracefully

Women may worry about menopause and sagging breasts. Men battle enlarg­ing prostate, hair loss, and more.

Fitness 'Endorphins Motivate Exercise'

Endorphins Motivate Exercise

Train yourself to enjoy exer­cise by rewarding yourself with endor­phins in the form of healthy pleasures after a workout.


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