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'Endorphins Motivate Exercise'

Endorphins Motivate Exercise

Train yourself to enjoy exer­cise by rewarding yourself with endor­phins in the form of healthy pleasures after a workout.

Gastroenterology 'When You Should Take Probiotics'

Advantages of Probiotics

Some doctors do not address the collateral damage of broad-spectrum antibiotics. This article presents causes and treatments for microbial imbalance.

Emotions 'Signs of Physician Burnout'

Physicians Avoid Compassion Fatigue

If you find yourself being cynical or sarcastic about your patients, venting to your colleagues or staff you may have compassion fatigue.

Immunology 'Coronavirus Vaccine Reactions'

Coronavirus Vaccine Reactions

People are reacting to the COVID-19 virus after recovery while others react to the notion of an early vaccine promising high efficacy rates.

Ob-gyn 'Seriousness of HIV and AIDS'

HIV and AIDS Remain Serious

First identified among the homo­sexual community in 1981, by the 1990s HIV became a threat to any sexually active individual. What is today’s outlook?


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Dermatology 'Living With Genital Herpes'

Living With Genital Herpes

There are two types of herpes. Cold sores are com­mon mani­festa­tions of HSV-1. Genitals are breed­ing grounds for HSV-2. What can you expect with treat­ment?

Individual 'Female examining ambiguous genitalia'

Born With Ambiguous Genitalia

Under two percent of infants include atypical sex organs. What is the criteria for determination? Who decides the gender of infants, and what does it look like?

Mental health 'Coronavirus Fatigue vs Pandemic Fatigue'

Cope With Pandemic Fatigue

With or without COVID-19 diagnosis, your sleep may not be rejuvenating, you have cognitive dysfunction, and little strength to accomplish physical tasks.

Podiatry 'Care For Aching Feet'

Care For Aching Feet

Since your feet are so strong, there is concern when pain of unknown origin causes you to hobble.

Immunology 'Sick woman in bed'

What If Everyone Gets Coronavirus?

As vaccines rollout to more people, some experts fear everyone will eventually contract COVID-19.

Internist 'No Free Pass For Masks'

No Free Pass For Masks

Experts say there are very few medical reasons that prevent people from wearing masks.

Internist 'Are Doctors Thorough Enough?'

Are Your Doctors Thorough Enough?

Doctor visits should be enlighten­ing not a battle of whits. How can you survive consulta­tion without confro­nta­tion?


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