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'Couple staring in bed'

Ejaculatory Duct Obstruction

If you notice significant reduc­tion in the amount of semen or none at all, urology special­ists will differen­tiate EDO from retro­grade ejaculation.

Nephrology 'Hands holding smartphone on toilet'

Urinalysis Nightmare

A man discovers an unsettling sight during a bathroom visit that leads to a sequence of rapid medical events with laggard resolution.

Orthopedics 'Osteopath touching back'

Why Doctors Won’t Fix Your Back

Pain in your lower back is excru­ciat­ing most days. But for years, your doctor explores options other than orthopedic surgery. Why the hesitation?

Neurology 'Woman laying in coma'

Awakening From a Coma

A coma can result from trauma or is sometimes medically induced. What happens during a coma and what is the outlook for recovery?

Cardiology 'Apple Watch heart monitor'

Premature Ventricular Contractions

Occurring occasionally, Premature Ventricular Contractions can resolve on their own. Occurring frequently, PVCs can signal more serious conditions.


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Orthopedics 'Straightening Out Scoliosis'

Straightening Out Scoliosis

Spinal surgery for scoliosis is more of an aesthetic remedy than a medical resolution. What are the considerations before going under the knife?

Gastroenterology 'When You Should Take Probiotics'

Advantages of Probiotics

Some doctors do not address the collateral damage of broad-spectrum antibiotics. This article presents causes and treatments for microbial imbalance.

Emotions 'Signs of Physician Burnout'

Physicians Avoid Compassion Fatigue

If you find yourself being cynical or sarcastic about your patients, venting to your colleagues or staff you may have compassion fatigue.

Immunology 'Coronavirus Vaccine Reactions'

Coronavirus Vaccine Reactions

Outdated: People are reacting to the COVID-19 virus after recovery while others react to the notion of an early vaccine promising high efficacy rates.

Internist 'Are Doctors Thorough Enough?'

Are Your Doctors Thorough Enough?

Doctor visits should be enlighten­ing not a battle of whits. How can you survive consulta­tion without confro­nta­tion?

Internist '6 Reasons Doctors Give You a Cold Should'

Why Some Doctors May Avoid You

It is not your imagination. Physicians are distancing themselves from you, both in professional and social settings.

Woman 'Asian and Caucasian making arm muscles'

Asian vs Caucasian Breast Density

Among women, one quarter as many Chinese develop breast cancer as North American. Is this because of breast density, genetics, diet, or other factors?


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