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'Patients Monitoring Prescriptions'

Patients Must Monitor Prescriptions

In our healthcare system, physicians rarely monitor individual reaction to prescrip­tions. Evaluating drug response transfers to patients.

Immunology 'Considering a Lung Transplant'

Considering a Lung Transplant

With many improve­ments to lung trans­plant surgery since the 1980s, post-op requires a daily cocktail of immuno­suppres­sive drugs and antibiotics.

Gastroenterology 'How Do People Become Morbidly Obese?'

How People Become Morbidly Obese

When you pass obese on the BMI chart, things become laborious. Some medical conditions exacerbate weight gain. Genes and social issues increase risk.

Nutrition 'Coronavirus News For Seniors'

Coronavirus News For Seniors

California meals for and news about new coronavirus symptoms for senior citizens.

Emotions 'Doctor Visits Can Seem Risky'

Doctor Visits Can Seem Risky

As the coronavirus reaches its peak, one of the most frighten­ing places to go might be your doctor’s office.


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Prescriptions 'Tolerate Opioid Not Just Pain'

Can You Tolerate Opioids?

Much of the debate involves blamestorming — fining manufacturers and punishing physicians. Are patients benefiting or suffering?

Cosmetology 'Should Healthcare Workers Get Manicures?'

Rethink Your Manicure

Beyond snipping cuticles and nail buffing, how far should healthcare or food service workers go so everyone can remain healthy?

Immunology 'Asthma With COVID-19 Concerns'

Asthmatics Susceptible to COVID-19

Until more data is available, anyone with chronic lung problems, including asthma, should take extra precautions to avoid any additional respiratory infections.

Pulmonology 'How Long Will Coronavirus Last?'

Ready For COVID-19 to End

Based on similar pandemics, the new coronavirus could last for years.

Pulmonology 'Prepare For Coronavirus Pandemic'

Preparing for Coronavirus Pandemic

The word pandemic seems to be a matter of semantics. In the face of one, are you adequately prepared?

Dermatology 'Are You Too Young For Shingles?'

Are You Too Young For Shingles?

Sooner or later, you'll probably get the debilitating disease, shingles. The severity depends on what you do in advance.

Prescriptions 'Consequences of Living With Pain Relievers'

Living With Pain Relievers is Not Entirely Pain-Free

Are you depen­dent upon pain relievers to per­form daily tasks? Untreated chronic pain can have dan­ger­ous physi­cal and emo­tional conse­quences.


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