Are Your Doctors Thorough Enough?


During the global pandemic, most doctors and their support personnel are making great sacrifices to provide the best possible outcomes for patients. I applaud their efforts to work with limited resources for many months.

Patients Seek Modern Remedies


With many variables, it is not uncommon for urban doctors to see a couple thousand patients per year. This is the panel size. The panel size determines how much time physicians can devote to each patient. Eliminating the patients who do not visit doctors at all, some see physicians only for annual checkups.

Patients with chronic ailments visit more frequently. If you are like most patients, you feel helpless between visits. Others, called e-Patients, research their symptoms online—especially when they have uncommon ailments.

You have a vested interest when seeking a cure for yourself or a loved one. Medical research, once veiled and only for the privileged, is now available to all on the internet. If you are able to sift through the inaccuracies and conspiracy theories, you can discover cutting-edge health solutions.

Even without credentials, as a studious patient, you can learn medical theory from clinical studies. You may then grasp and suggest new treatment options for your individual symptoms.

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