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'Woman holding scale'

The Scale is Not Your Enemy

Do a few simple things for reliable weight scale readings. Stop things that point the needle higher.

Nutrition 'Why Diets Don’t Work'

Why Diets Don’t Work

One problem with fad diets is the imbalance of nutrition. I’m losing more than a pound per week without dieting. Find out how.

Nutrition 'Blender with peas and nuts'

Easy Peasy Protein Powder Recipe

Exchange a two-pound $40 tub of protein powder for three pounds of raw almonds and a half pound of dried split peas. Keep the change and enjoy a nutty, all-natural protein powder made with your per...

Nutrition 'Be a Happy Healthy Vegetarian'

How to Enjoy Being a Vegetarian

A vegetarian diet is not appropriate for everyone. Many who try do not last beyond a few weeks. What are two keys to vegetarian success?

Nutrition 'No Whey Hemp is Better Than Soy Protein Powder'

No Whey Hemp is Better Than Soy Protein Powder

Whether you are a body­building champion, lactating mom, growing teenager or sedentary executive, you should not ignore your need for protein. Is hemp better than soy plant-based protein supplements?


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Nutrition 'Can You Eat Like a Nutritionist?'

Can You Eat Like a Nutritionist?

You may not be a registered dietitian, but for the sake of your digestive system and general health, it helps to eat like one. Here are some practical steps to curb carbohydrate overconsumption.

Nutrition 'Is Your Body Craving B12?'

Is Your Body Craving B12?

Animal products provide optimum food sources for vitamin B12. But not just vegans are at risk. Learn the symp­toms of deficiency and how to maintain peak levels for better health.


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