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'Spiral staircase'

Only When Alone E5

Mindy’s fragile sense of security shatters during a chilling realization that she must outwit a sinister threat to her sanity and very existence.

Thriller 'Female with rifle'

Only When Alone E4

In the vast rural landscape, Mindy discovers that survival requires more than embracing solitude. She must resourcefully cultivate new skills.

Thriller 'Female back bathing'

Only When Alone E3

Mindy summons her courage amidst unfamiliar silence and shadow, as she adapts to a life of seclusion within the depths of rural solitude.

Thriller 'Victorian home'

Only When Alone E2

With looming time constraints, Mindy must decide between harsh alternative paths, potentially defying societal norms and diminishing her dignity.

'Ambitious lady looking up in city (ai)'

Only When Alone

Premiere: In a race against time and hidden threats, a young woman’s desperate choices lead to unexpected twists in a world that tests her survival skills.

'Man viewing computer at night'

An Author’s Eraser

A man’s hidden power to erase adversaries leaves a trail of consequences. Reflect on the consequences before your next malevolent encounter.


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Finale 'Sad phone call'

Monocular Tutor E7

A once devoted fiancé, who appears to lose all control, suffers the consequences for his actions in this series finale

Romance 'Couple arguing'

Monocular Tutor E6

Bad decision repercussions are now directing Lloyd’s life course. Surmounting conflicts in less-than-ideal relationships tests his emotional limits.

Romance 'Female profile crying'

Monocular Tutor E5

With the hormonal immaturity of a teen, Lloyd tries to juggle a publicly flirtatious classmate with a secret fiancé.

Romance 'Couple in backseat'

Monocular Tutor E4

Lloyd and Rebecca must overcome some challenges to maintain a secret romance.

Romance 'Female exposing shoulder'

Monocular Tutor E3

A college art instructor and student exceed the ethical boundaries of private tutoring.

Romance 'Couple dine for dinner'

Monocular Tutor E2

Most fine artists channel creativity through a muse. But Lloyd pushes societal boundaries in his quest for one.


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