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87 Premiere Novellas
'Crime scene clues'

Crimeless Scene

Premiere: In this novella mystery miniseries, a detective arrives at the scene of a crime with no victim, no motive, and plenty of clues.

'Man on life-support machine'

Chambers Kids

Premiere: This novella mini­series reveals Evelyn’s love of education and aspirations to nurture young minds during the aftermath of­ a family tragedy.

'Male fitness workout'

Sickless Future

Premiere: During the year 2067, smart homes, auto­no­mous vehicles, and other technologies overtake essential services to bend reality in this sci-fi novella miniseries.

'Ethiopia map and flag'

Escape Death

Premiere: In this dramatic saga ripped from the headlines, empathize with a doctor’s anguish as he endeavors to save both family and patients amid civil war.

'Boxed macaroons'

Invent Crime

Premiere: A body found in a home with bizarre clues leads a detective struggling to uncover the cause of death in this quirky who­dunit mystery.

'Remote island'

Organ Island

Premiere: Unsuspecting vacationers are lured to an island of enticing pleasure where they hope to realize their dreams. But nothing is as it seems.


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