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83 Premiere Novellas
'Destination Nowhere E1'

Destination Nowhere

Premiere: A wife’s patient endurance of a loveless marriage wears out as Diana takes steps to address her monotonous existence in this dramatic novella miniseries.

'Face palm'

Past Fear

Premiere: A father raises his son in isolation from extended family under the notion that everyone else has harmful issues. But his child’s internet sleuthing uncovers a concealed dark past.

'Master bedroom pillows'

Family Values

Premiere: For this criminal case, a detective is called to the scene of a crime with no victim, no motive, and plenty of clues in this dramatic short story.

'Dark dirty bedding'

The Room Between

Premiere: Less than a dozen people who find them­selves in dark captivity among unusual circum­stances explore methods of escape in this thrilling short story.


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'Male fitness trainer'

Strength and Fit

Premiere: In this mysterious novella mystery miniseries, a muscular fitness trainer is working to build up his clientele, until interrupted by a sinister plot.


Cold Effect

Premiere: In the year 2092, this world teeters on the edge of a new millen­nium or human extinc­tion. But commercial and political tensions collide as solutions become manifest.

'Crime scene clues'

Crimeless Scene

Premiere: In this novella mystery miniseries, a detective arrives at the scene of a crime with no victim, no motive, and plenty of clues.

'Man on life-support machine'

Chambers Kids

Premiere: This novella mini­series reveals Evelyn’s love of education and aspirations to nurture young minds during the aftermath of­ a family tragedy.

'Male fitness workout'

Sickless Future

Premiere: During the year 2067, smart homes, auto­no­mous vehicles, and other technologies overtake essential services to bend reality in this sci-fi novella miniseries.


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