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7 episodes tagged Augmented life therapy
'Man in despair'

Augmented Life Therapy E7

Did Beverly steer Ronald toward a wrong decision? If so, what might they do to correct the mistake? Find out in this surprise conclusion.

Mystery 'Female squeezes pillow'

Augmented Life Therapy E6

Ronald is confused with the options Beverly sets before him, but hopefully makes the right choice.

Mystery 'Black woman with hand on face'

Augmented Life Therapy E5

After contacting an unlikely relative, Beverly conspires on a method of testing her relationship that is growing momentum.

Mystery 'Waffles brunch'

Augmented Life Therapy E4

The new couple review embarrassing moments that could hinder their relationship from moving forward.

Mystery 'Pensive female'

Augmented Life Therapy E3

Ronald and Beverly must decide if their relationship is predicated on her looking and acting like his former lover.

Mystery 'Female sipping milkshake'

Augmented Life Therapy E2

Following termination of their doctor-patient professional relationship, a couple stumbles though initial romantic social interaction.


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Mystery 'Personal psychotherapy'

Augmented Life Therapy

Sequel: A patient of prior high-tech psychotherapy returns for an unexpected update on new technology.


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