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8 episodes tagged Cold effect

Cold Effect E8

In the exciting climax of this miniseries, a vaccine is ready to issue to the world. But will this improve presidential popularity ratings.

Mystery 'Monitoring network'

Cold Effect E7

A federal agent tries to turn a Genyologen employee into an asset.

Mystery 'Vaccination in shoulder'

Cold Effect E6

An undercover scientist anticipates inoculation as evidence of a coverup but it turns out to be something different.

Mystery 'Female interviewer'

Cold Effect E5

In an attempt to become a spy, Ray is in the middle of an interview at a major pharma­ceutical competitor.

Mystery 'Male scientist'

Cold Effect E4

The government recruits a scientist to go undercover as a spy to gather informa­tion about a serum to cure the rampant disease.

Mystery 'Laboratory serum'

Cold Effect E3

The largest pharma-tech company weighs the advan­tages of a con­sor­tium to battle a global health crisis.


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Mystery 'Mother and newborn child'

Cold Effect E2

A major entity within the pharma­ceu­tical consor­tium discusses ramifica­tions of the Presidents’s inter­national speech.


Cold Effect

Premiere: In the year 2092, this world teeters on the edge of a new millen­nium or human extinc­tion. But commercial and political tensions collide as solutions become manifest.


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