Cold Effect E2

Novella Miniseries


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Jamsyn Genetics


Illumy Nathan, 37 year-old CEO of Jamsyn Genetics, calls a board meeting to discuss the presidential proclamation. “Welcome back from your honeymoon, Raydo Isotope. I trust you will remain and save the planet earth.”

“That is my goal, Illumy. The help of the international scientific community gives me hope,” replies Raydo.

“President Thyme’s Chief of Staff lit a firecracker in my arse to come up with a solution pronto. Can I get a status report?” asks Illumy.

Heyer Vallume, the 40-year old lead scientist, sheds light on the predicament. “Among the GenetX DNA progeny, rhinoviruses that cause the common cold have been mutating faster than we can program a cure.

“There is concern that the influenza virus may be the next to decouple itself from the immune system defenses. This is just a theory, as there have been no reported cases of the flu in the GenetX.”

“Are GenetX catching the common cold from the regular procreators?” Illumy inquires.

“We suspect it is the result of crossbreeding. When pre-GenetX copulate with GenetX, we lose control of genetics,” interjects Raydo.

“So it’s not just the procreators, it’s the hybrids that they bring to birth who are killing the population?” asks Illumy.

“It appears so,” says Raydo.

“So give me some options to pursue,” demands Illumy.

“The ideal option is to ban procreation of non-GenetX. It is something that cannot be policed effectively. We could follow up with vaccines that minimize the rhinovirus symptoms and make the minority pre-GenetX population infertile,” suggests Heyer.

“But how does that affect the hybrids,” Illumy asks.

“Short of killing the hybrids or shuttling them to an underdeveloped planet to save the human race, there are no good options,” replies Heyer.

“How do we identify the hybrids,” asks Illumy.

“We are contemplating embedding modified microchips but Genyologen Pharmaceuticals is the leader in embeddable technology. Perhaps it is something to explore in the coalition.

“However, we do have an injectable drug we can administer with the previously mentioned vaccine that makes the keratin glow under special light,” says Heyer.

“You don’t think it will set off alarms to suddenly have millions of people walking around looking like fireflies?” asks Illumy.

“Their fingernails, toenails, and hair will only glow under a custom light wavelength. We could have light panels installed at stadiums to distinguish and retain them. We can also replace spotlights on police vehicles and issue officers portable flashlights,” suggests Heyer.

Marisens are unaffected by the rhinovirus plague. With an assertive vaccination campaign backed by the President, we can cut off the head of the snake—pre-GenetX—stop the spread of hybrids, and preserve earth’s rightful inhabitants,” Raydo adds.

Illumy Nathan paces the conference room while processing ramifications in his mind. “How many of our employees would be affected?”

“Less than 5 percent of our personnel are pre-GenetX. We can offer them a severance package instead of waiting for retirement from attrition. We could absolve ourselves of legal action from sterilization in the severance contract,” replies Raydo.

“How soon could we ramp up the so-called vaccine for distribution?” Illumy asks.

“Jamsyn Genetics could distribute enough vaccines for the Americas, Europe, and South Africa in three months. The tech is already available. It’s just a matter of distribution logistics,” says Heyer.

As CEO, Illumy Nathan tries to sum up the conversation. “So first, I should confer with Genyologen Pharmaceuticals on the collaboration of microchips. Then I need to convince the President to sterilize pre-GenetX, outlaw interbreeding, and banish or exterminate hybrids. Is that what you’re telling me?”

Raydo cautions the use of diplomacy. “I suggest redacting certain outcomes from the discussion. Tell the President, that to the best of your knowledge, this will halt the pandemic. But, effects on our senior population without genetic data on file may experience unknown, non-lethal side effects. He would, however need to own the outcome.”

“You men have done your part. Now it’s time for me to do mine. This has been productive. Meeting adjourned,” says the CEO of Jamsyn Genetics.

Too Close To Home

Two days later, the Chief of Staff reveals he has a son with hybrid offspring that has contracted the rhinovirus. He asks President Thyme if anything can be done to save his infant grandson.

“I am deeply sorry to hear that. There is no approved treatment but we will offer the best care available. Did Jensyn Genetics offer any insights on treatments in development?” the President asks.

“No, I conveyed the urgency as you requested. Illumy Nathan said he was going to meet with his board yesterday,” Stryk Baq replies.

“Let Illumy Nathan know I wish to speak with him as soon as possible,” the President says.

An hour later, Stryk tells President Thyme that Illumy Nathan is available for an AR sit-down meeting. “Great, I’ll take the call,” says the President.

“Illumy, please have a seat. How is your family?” cordially asks the President.

“Fine. Thank you for inviting me to the Oval Office,” Illumy replies.

“My Chief of Staff tells me you have some status updates,” the President says with eagerness.

”Yes, I had a productive meeting with my key Jensyn Genetics executives. Even before exploring collaborative efforts, we can ramp up enough of a new drug in three months to vaccinate half the world,” Illumy says boastfully.

President Illumy is beside himself. “That’s incredible! What could the consortium do to assist?”

“With this path, the assistance from other companies is logistics—distributing and administering,” replies Illumy.

Thinking about his Chief of Staff’s grandson, the President inquires, “What is the efficacy on, say… infected hybrids?”

“Well, Sir, it is not a treatment. It’s more of a vaccine for hybrids and pre-GenetX. Outcomes differ for each,” says Illumy.

As diplomatically as possible, Illumy reveals the plan to end hybrid humans. He does not mention the sterilization of the pre-GenetX population. President Thyme just sits in shock, as he tries to absorb ramifications on his presidency, Stryk’s family, and the world.

“Your approval ratings are the lowest since your appointment as President. This is your defining moment, what will you do?” Illumy inquires.

Whatever the President decides, it does not seem promising for Stryk’s family.

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