Cold Effect E8

Clinical Miniseries


The Rollout


Jamsyn Genetics is ready to distribute its vaccine with the assistance of a few smaller pharmaceutical companies in the consortium. The President of the United Coalition of Nations will reduce the rhinovirus deaths in an obtuse way. Flanked by his Task Force, he is poised to announce the vaccine, even as disheartened protestors swell the streets.

“I want every citizen of earth know that I feel your pain. The loss of loved ones in this age of technology is almost unfathomable. Through the heroic efforts of the Rhinovirus Task Force and the pharmaceutical consortium, we stand here to announce that a vaccine is available.” He is interrupted by cheers and applause before continuing.

“There is more great news. GenetX offspring are already immune to the virus. Hybrid and pre-GenetX citizens are the only ones that require vaccination. Kiosks will be available as soon as tomorrow at hospitals, doctor’s offices, shopping centers, government agencies, and stadiums. More vaccines are shipping every week so we will not run out until this is done.

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